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I had one in the early 80’s. Went to most of the Blackjack enduros and Tulsa Trailrider scrambles in that thing. I sold it to my dad who drove a bunch more years. He sold it to my brother who then drove it a bunch more years. Good little functional pickup. ... more »

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No....but I’ve heard great things about the 2025s. Coming soon to a dealership near you. ;-)

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Looks good Rupert. I looked it up. Just outside of Marshalltown. I have relation there and never knew they had a Moto Field of Dreams near by. Zoom Zoom.

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David is one of the great humans. Off the track more than on. Thanks to Ping and crew for an excellent show.

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Well done. Nice pics. Good depth of field.

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And then there is the guy with the grody bike that is only washed if it gets ridden through a puddle, but the guy smokes everyone without even breaking a sweat.

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People see what they want to see.

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Classic Rupert. 👍👍😁😁

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Agree completely about smaller and lower. After selling my Dodge Maxi-Van with a 360V8, I drove a little Datsun truck in the mid 70’s. It was not the same as an enclosed, put everything in it van....but it carried two (three in a pinch) bikes and riders ... more »

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If you look at the Pala film, you will also see no spectators showed up either. Maybe the gate numbers are tied to the on the gate numbers?

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...and the other half is suspect.

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I've owned and raced several KTM's since 1979. I don't care for the orange ones, even though the one in my garage is orange. (Disclaimer: Other survey's, opinions, and results may vary) The best looking KTM ever....... Pic 1.

The next best......Pic ... more »
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Agree....and you just did. :-) Jason looks good and is still fun to watch with his loose riding style.

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As pilots tend to say: Any landing you can walk away from is good one. If you can reuse the airplane, even better. In all seriousness, glad no one (pilot or people on the ground) was hurt and more amazing, no fire.

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Nice Michael.

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Dang labor concerns. I miss the good old days when one could hire 10 year olds, give them hard labor for 80 hours a week and pay them a pittance. (Sarcasm for those not picking up on it). The lack of 125 broadcast is understandable, but we would still ... more »

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Or a 70's HD. Or anything with points that have not been adjusted/cleaned recently. :-)

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Trolls. One bit at a time they want to use up their 15 minutes of fame.

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It is similar to riding on a track that has been over watered.

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You did not miss anything.