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It appears to be a variation of BMW’s Telelever. Which works quite well. “ The system separates the two functions of wheel alignment and damping/suspension simply and effectively, thereby improving riding comfort.” ... more »

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Yes. Bikes last a long time now days. A friend and I just won the Vet 60 class at a 3hr scrambles on a 2004 KTM 200. The bike was flawless.

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If you know about it, it’s not a secret. If you don’t........ ? You don’t know what you don’t know.

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It can be done. You can have fun. You're not 20 or 30 anymore. You'll go slower, but the good feeling is still the same. You'll recover slower which will be frustrating. You'll still have fun. Unless you try to be 20 again. We do less moto/jumps and

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Just used the HF one to haul my 200 EXC,1600 miles and back. No complaints.

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Emig’s ‘99 US Open winning YZ-250? John Roeder’s claimed 1979 RC-250, built as a works Honda but in the garage of local? Tony D’s CZ 400 that he nearly won the 500 US Motocross Championship in 1974. (He lead most of the year, was injured and finished ... more »

Started new thread 125 music in the UK. Farleigh Castle first race back. 9/10/2020 2:15 AM

Good to see. Fun to hear. Looks like the 125 2T is alive and well in the UK?

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Great photo. Epic moment. I guess it goes without saying what bikes are putting down the HP.....14, 32, 12, 41 all at the front.

Started new thread Good Job Jason and Grant, on calling Red Bud 1 9/5/2020 1:35 AM

Quality play by play. Especially on the first laps of 450 Moto 2. 👍

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Gen 1. Same as Sumdood. No motorcycles unless I bought it with my own money. First bike was a Bultaco 250. 👍

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I noticed the lack of hand/grip protection at LL. It it were approved hand guards all the way. Once, before a winter time hare scrambles that was forecast to be wet, I sewed a set of elephant ears, copying the style the Craig Vetter marketed ... more »

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Good photos Steve! Especially in that wet dirty environment. Using disposable lenses and bodies?

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The Martin Bros remind me of the Hahn Bros. Both sets of bros in the big show. Both hard working and understated. Both a bit mischievous. Both loving life. Troll train video is good. I wish them the best.

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Jeremy was not even born in the 4-stroke era........oh, you're speaking of the double displacement era. Never mind. 8-)

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Maybe he is afraid of heights?

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Taken the bike and rider to Washougal.

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All, Just came across this on YouTube. Film clips from what some call the golden years of dirt bikes, featuring and remembering Marty Smith. It is a great look at the time that Steve Bauer, Bobby M, Joe Neuman, FTE, myself and others frequently talk ... more »

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Some notes from my experience. - set your clickers to the factory manual or specs that MXA uses in their test. - Set the SAG, both static and rider sag. That will tell you if you need a stronger or lighter rear spring. It’s very important to get the ... more »

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I’ve done a myriad of things that might be noteable. But any of them and $2.50 buys coffee. The only people I am famous or special to, are my kids. And I think they are starting to wise up. 🙄😁😁 For the sake of playing along, my list includes: racing ... more »

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Holley resembles Chris Pratt.