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"Vic Krause please check deep in your warehouse. Please." Vic is out of Sidewinder. He sold and moved on to Florida. Believe the remaining products went to TUF several years ago.

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I agree totally what Ryan and Roger have done for KTM. Roger Put the RMs on the map and after that Marty Smith sold every Honda that hit the showroom floor in 1975:

P.S. 3 - KTMs in my stable...
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GNCC XC2 - Currently CC for CC. 250 VS. 250F. It works and yes the privateers in the Pro Lites class can race a little cheaper. Look at the start of the XC2 class from the GNCC in South Carolina from this season. Only downer for the class it is dominated

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Surgery and pin - I got back riding faster and don't even notice it now...

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A sequence shot of previous post...

Another from Byron, IL - 1980 - Open A ... more »
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We are in our third season of the GNCCs. The atmosphere is laid back. Largest crowd was last year at Unidilla - over 1900 entries for the weekend. What is cool about the GNCCs is the throw back to what Pro Motocross use to be. YOu can walk right u p ... more »

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1979 - Motosports Park - Byron, IL - 250 B - Moto2

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They need to think outside the box. GNCCs Pro Lites (XC2) run 250 2T vs. 250 4T. It is even as can be. Makes racing affordable. Again, not to beat a dead horse but we track bikes and engine in our series in Virginia ( The proof for the need

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Any "NEW" news on this: Bultaco 450

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It works in offroad: GNCC Racing - XC2 Lites (Bikes): 122-250cc 2/4 Strokes Not in the picture it is about a 50/50 split in engines... This is from Round 4 in South Carolina yesterday...

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1979 TRANS-USA Red Bud - Magoo and Jeff Ward

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Each...want to make an offer...

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- Quantity: 2 - Used one season in the GNCC series on 2013 Yamaha YZ250. Will also fit a Yamaha YZ125. Covers model years 2002-2014. - IMS Fuel Tanks are designed to provide greater riding distance per tank full. IMS Tanks are larger capacity than stock ... more »

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Check the Strider website. We do our events independent of them. Regardless it is a blast! It gives the youngest kids something to do to be inclusive during a weekend of racing. I know when I was a kid Byron ran BMX at half time between motos. Maybe ... more »

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That is cool. There are a lot of races for the striders out there. This season our local series started a Saturday night Strider event. It is a great event for both the parents and their kids!

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That was my main reason for moving away from mx to offroad. Entry fees are about the same but you will get 2-3 hours of racing in a day... The Unadilla GNCC this year was the largest event ever with just under 2000 entries for the weekend and the Main ... more »

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HBD MotoGrafx is a great company out of Florida. They are heavily involved with AMA Pro Racing but they are still have the small company appeal. Design your own grafx or make use of their pre-designed packages. Check them out at:

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In AMA competition there is a list of approved bikes that can be raced. Click on the link on the following page: Approved Limited Class 2013 Motorcycles-MX I assume that if this is an AMA event it could be protested as a non-approved motorcycle. If it is a non-AMA event, who knows.