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For Sale: 2018 KTM 350SX-F w/ 59.8Hrs Never raced, oil and oil filter changed every 3 hours of riding. Valve clearance checked at 50 hours. MVR Re-Valved Suspension, Enduro Engineering Skid plate, Owner’s Manual, air fork pump and triangle stand. Aftermarket

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Mr. Clean Summer Citrus Multipurpose Cleaner - melts away the dirt as good as or better than any cleaner on the market.

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Silhoutting the draws takes time but it makes it easy to know when something isn't put a 10mm socket. Cut out Kaizen Foam or tools in oven at 350 degrees till ready.

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With the success of Honda in 1974/75 I was floored by this ad, why would he switch to Yamaha. Hanging his Honda jersey in the locker was classic!

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Lake Sugar Tree, Budds Creek, Jimmy Weinert Training Facility.

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Progressive - it's a trail bike.

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Shattered in 1986, 2 weeks in hospital, 2 surgeries, 11 months therapy - dark days of therapy. Full recovery. Took a few years off (7 actually), then moved from motocross to offroad. 20 years after I broke mine I won a state title in offroad in the VCHSS.

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The same has occurred to my '17 250SX as well. I spoke with a friend that works for KTM back in early spring about this, and he said it was a noted minor concern/issue on the new 2 stroke throttle housings. He suggested replacing the OEM housing with ... more »

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We currently have the following 2017 models: 150SX, 250SX and 350XCF. No issues at and all are ridden very hard by AA offroad riders. On the other hand in 2013 we had a new YZ250 and around 5 hours on it and the top end let go, ate the cylinder, crank ... more »

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Remember when Zach was a feature at the National Hare Scrambles and the GNCC series? Looking through some old videos my son did I came across Zach in this one...enjoy!

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This topic seems to comes up annually. To help out the sponsors and the manufacturers that support our series (VCHSS) we track what is happening at the starting line each race to show them our growth and their status within our series. 2017 is a huge

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Problem resolved! Doing a little digging, the one way bearing checked good so moving up the gears we looking at possibly the torque converter which led me to the starter. Here is the routine, when the start button was pushed it would run fine, pushed

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Sorry to hear that. We have been on KTMs for a long time. Twice we had engine problems and both times KTM replaced the engine parts at no cost. In the early 2000s we had a 65SX seize with less than 10 hours on it and they rebuilt the motor at no cost ... more »

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Periodically our 350 XC-F won't start - periodically. We checked the battery, good, fuse good, good clutch, good electrical connections and grounding, Bendix good, etc. We were at a National Offroad Event at talked tot he mechanics for the KTM team. ... more »

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Did you know that Carries raced hare scrambles back in the day? With the Virginia Championship Hare Scramble Series (

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Jimmy Weinert Training Facility Jimmy Weinert Training Facility 6502 Highway 58 Maysville, NC 28555 (845) 313-6590

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Laguna Seca motocross track is in the upper right corner of the picture...

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