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I will never understand why everything "Electric" or "EV" has to look obscure and futuristic (i.e. like shit). If Kia released my '20 optima exactly as it looks now on the "skateboard" style EV chassis with the same basic interior and features at 25-30k ... more »

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I'm officially out when my mavtv expires. Not that anyone cares lol

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Mavtv releasing a new app?

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They won't, not anything with purpose at least. Definitely not JT lol


Glad the free YouTube feed doesn't have ads like the service we paid for...

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Clown show

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A clutch lever could depress a simple switch to cut power, or even modulate it depending on the device. Wouldn't be very difficult to do, but aside from losing control of the throttle not really necessary.

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We don't need more, and we don't need less.

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The atmosphere is awesome and the facilities are fantastic, but the tracks don't produce great racing imo and it's much harder to see the whole track than it is in a normal stadium. I still enjoy going, and it's nice to have something different on the ... more »

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My girlfriend: "why are they showing this right now?"

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He rode from like 18th to 7th? He's about the only guy starting behind Ferrandis lol

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Probably not, but he should.

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Colt is crushing it on RDL

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I don't know for certain, but all reports (interviews/podcasts/etc) indicate familiarity with the technicians as the reason he uses KYB. I'm sure he could get the other brands to work to his liking, but his favorite techs work for KYB. Also I believe ... more »

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DB is a moto darling and people aren't ready to have these conversations yet lol. I like DB and love his insight on color, but he goes a little overboard on the drama and needs to really work on cleaning up his speech if he's going to achieve his dream ... more »

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Ferrandis Budds Creek Edit: as for consistently, Baggett was pretty sendy in SX especially

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Only negative I can think of is no big options in the rhythms, but it's been racing pretty well so far!

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What's the easiest way to use clips from sources such as Feld without infringement? Is it impossible without outright purchasing usage rights?

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Bam is about the only current guy I can think of willing to put his life on the line when he whips it haha

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Craig learned that move in the 2011 regional series.