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I can relate to your first sentence. I used to have no problem hitting the jumps, even the bigger ones as a vet rider, but ever since a bad crash from a kicker on the old 'Chadapult' jump at Millville a couple years ago during the LL regional, I lost

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Added bike check 2005 RM250 6/15/2017 10:46 AM
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Recently freshened up a 2005 RM250

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You're way off. Forget KTM and forget the Japanese bikes. Apollo bikes (Chinese) are the way to go. Cheap, AND can do 75 mph!

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You mean hide/run like this... ???,20/Barcia-vs-Aranda,1227241?

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This dream didn't end well, because it became reality... I had a recurring dream that I crashed at some unknown track, broke my leg, and was carted off on a mule and placed in an ambulance. As the ambulance pulled away, the dream would end but I wouldn't ... more »

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My 2014 KX450 has no hesitation at any throttle position and is fast as hell, must just be your bike. Have a qualified mechanic look at it.

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I also saw RV at Red Bud. I will NEVER forget him railing the very top edge of the big right-handed berm before the left turn and jump before the back whoop section. I've never seen anybody carry so much speed on a 250f hanging off the back like that

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Haven't seen that article from Transword before (I don't visit their website much any more), but Mr. Dubach sounds like a wise man and great father. Good stuff.

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But I thought Ronnie Mac #77 was the fastest squid on the planet?

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Had a grade 3 separation about 8 or 9 years ago at with no surgery, doctors said it was unnecessary. Tip of my collarbone sticks up a little but no long term effects (yet) at this point at age 45. Still have full ROM and had no issues with strength or ... more »

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Me likey! Very nice

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We were sitting right in front of the triple that was on the edge of the track coming out of the 90 degree corner after the rhythm section, and I've never seen so many cased triples in my life as in the 250 main. Must have seen at least 30 separate occasions

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No, don't have a cover. I see Jared said he had the same problem and we have the same phone, so maybe it's something with the device.

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I keep having an issue where about half way through a race, the gas just stops working...lift my finger up and put it back down and still doesn't work about half the time so I have to start over. Might be a problem with the actual phone (Droid Razr M), ... more »

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Reed already proved you wrong, but neither he nor anybody else has to prove shit to you. It seems you live in a weird little world of your own twisted logic and 'what ifs'. Or maybe it's just more likely you're just a 'straight up' Reed hater.

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"Everything in the World is "Right Here, Right NOW!" when I'm riding." I couldn't have said it better myself. I had this discussion with a riding buddy of mine a few years ago that echoed that exactly. No matter what else is going on in your life good ... more »

Added reply in a thread Time for New Boots 12/9/2013 11:53 AM is legit. I've been using it for years. I got a nice discount on my SG10s a couple years ago too. FWIW, I had Tech 7's once, and I wouldn't recommend them. Love the SG10's though.

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socalmx716 wrote: Europeans don't have to deal with conservative idea-logs that are afraid of sexuality like we have here so they are much more liberal about public display.

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Good luck to Hunter, and also to Jordan in the KTM Jr. class - representing WI !