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It's a good way to build credit. Excellent credit can save one hundreds of thousands of dollars in a lifetime. Combine that with staying single/childless and one can have a very good life with a modest income. And the freedom to go riding!

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Hasn't BMX greatly declined in popularity since the 90s? If ever in Cleveland, hit the XC loop at Ray's MTB Park. It is a mix of BMX obstacles and a mellow mountain bike loop. It is great exercise and quite stimulating. Just don't try to do it for more ... more »

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Yes to a Steahly 9oz. FWW. The bike would hit too hard without it. I had a mechanic install it for me. $60 well spent. I removed the torque spacer on the reed block for more top end.

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Yes, Sabrina is fast. We're friends and rode a lot when I lived out that way. I moved back home and haven't gotten much seat time since. Mexican food (and Mexicans in general) is few and far between in SW Pennsylvania. We have a few places here and there. ... more »

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Bang for the buck! RAD Valve/Power Wing 9oz. FWW Oversized F. Rotor
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Too many people results in too much pollution. Who would have thunk it? Thankfully, birth rates are going off a cliff. There will be less pollution in time. Imagine if we didn't have a Baby Boom after WWII and immigration laws were enforced. Holy smokes ... more »

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Do you ever go riding with Sabrina from Litchfield Park? The best part about moving back East? The summers are bearable. The worst part? Mexican food has to be sought out.

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I must be getting old and lazy, walking past the YZ250 to grab the Kona instead. That said, taking a break from moto cleans up my finances in a hurry. I wish I could have it all, but enjoy my blue-collar gig and leaving the corporate plantation. Time ... more »

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Has anyone else parked the dirt bike and grabbed the mountain bike instead? Weege said that mountain biking has increased in popularity, likely due to modest cost and increased accessibility compared to moto. I have a nature park with decent trails 5 ... more »

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Even Yamaha guy Doug Dubach said "It's still a pretty good motorcycle. I rode a 2013 as well as a 2008 model. I'd buy one at the right price, but switched back to a two-stroke as they suit my budget better. If money wasn't as tight, I'd happily ride ... more »

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Here's the old man in me talking again... I miss the old system of earning your number every year based on points. I don't think the "permanent" number system has added anything to the sport. It was very cool to see the new numbers every year.

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As long as people keep buying them it is all well and good. But will these buyers still be around and riding in the coming years? I'm quite happy with my 16 YZ250 that set me back 7.5K, along with spending maybe $1000 in upgrades. If I was willing to ... more »

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I don't buy the "inflation" theory. Going from 6K dirt bikes to 12K dirt bikes is a little more involved than just inflation. How many other products have doubled in price from 2000 to 2018? Education, gasoline, women, fast food, some housing markets? ... more »

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Back in my day, one could walk out of a dealership with a new YZ250 or CR250 for 6K, OTD. And I'm 35. I'm not that old! The stakeholders of the sport are going to kick themselves come 2025 or so when no one is participating due to increased cost, generational ... more »


Won't housing prices decline when the "Death Boom" kicks off around 2025 and Boomers start retiring and dropping like flies? The "Death Boom" should start roughly 70 years after the baby boom. We are losing ... more »

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Does anyone have any info? I may want to request off at work and dust off the YZ.

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Moto is challenging and expensive. So, like other things like golf, a lot of youts are not interested. I say "youts" and not youths. See exhibit A: This is just the way it is. Those in charge of the sport who ... more »

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We have winners and losers in our society. The winners pay into the system and the losers drain resources out of the system. Just wait until all the Boomers are retired and are sucking Social Security and Medicaid dry. And if you think Generations X, ... more »

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Cash out while the economy is good. The wave we are riding won't continue with our demographic turnover as well as our demographic momentum grinding to a halt. The Boomers are making their last stand but Father Time will force them into retirement and ... more »

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The Chipolte in Bridgeville, PA has been known to produce some Sanner sightings!