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I'm able to sneak by Jeff at the 8:20 mark: I'm on the Yamaha in Red gear. I'm up to 180, so I must look like the Kool Aid guy out there. I try to ride like Pourcel. I try to be smooth and ... more »

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Perhaps some changes need to be made to local racing to increase value and turnout. Some may say the decline of the American middle class and the increased expense of the sport will make motocross less and less popular in the next 10-20 years. I think ... more »

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It would be great for local motocross races to implement longer motos to reward those that are fit. It seems that will never happen with the 25 or so classes that are run, which of course is only in place to allow spread out competition and more people ... more »

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Dubach is booking as usual. With all due respect to all involved, is it really fair for someone with such skill and speed to compete with amateur racers at LL? This video is proof that speed does not go away once a racer retires from professional competition. ... more »

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Josh Hill: What's Next?

It would be cool for Hill to work with Yamaha to do a small in-house deal to showcase the new 450. Yamaha needs more blue out there in the top 10.

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Nice Photos! Many people complained about the track, but to me it was a very enjoyable race to attend. What could have been if JS7 did not have a few bad races this year. Call me crazy, but 73 wins is not impossible if he keeps the current program going. He has me sold as well on a Suzuuk for my next bike. Hopefully they will stop selling it with a Bubba replica fork setting. It is ridiculous for a bike to be sold with a setting like this.

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How many hours do you guys clock on a bike before getting a new one? Back in the 2-stroke days it seemed like it was much more financially feasible to get a new bike every year or 2 years. Now, instead of using a nice chunk of change to pay the bike ... more »

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I'd like to see JLAW and Moto XXX come back to the sport. Perhaps both could get Yamaha support and do well on the new bikes.

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She is a beauty! It is a shame we cannot take $6,000 to a Honda shop and bring one of these home like we could in 2005. For the same cost as a new 450, you could get one of these, deck it out, and do a new top end at home for $250.