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Intelligent folks are dying off. The more education and income people tend to have, the smaller the family size. This makes sense economically within the family, but is big trouble for the economy as a whole. The government subsidizes reproduction through ... more »

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Here are two scary quotes that draw some comparisons to current amateur motocross: "The sport alienated and priced its hardcore fans out of attendance." *Moto Comparison: Four-strokes, four-stroke hop-ups & maintenance, entry-fees several times higher ... more »

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We have a lot of demographic momentum right now. That is, we have 4 generations currently alive. Boomers, X, Y, and Z. Come 2025 or so, the Boomers will start to really thin out and Generations Y and Z will likely not have enough kids to replace them. ... more »

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Imagine passing a guy on a new 450 on a 4K Chinese 125. "Oh the Humanity!" If it gets more asses on seats and hands on throttles this could be a very good thing. Not everyone can afford the newest, latest, and greatest. Moto will lose many participants ... more »

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The cost of new four-strokes isn't necessarily the issue. The cost of rebuilding those bikes can be a big issue for riders with limited mechanical ability and cashflow. One can rebuild a two-stroke by putting in a little OT at work. One could spend a ... more »

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All things considered (cost, engine performance, suspension, handling) the YZ250 is one of the best bikes to have. It can do it all, and works well stock. They are fun to ride, and unlike a 450, I can hit WFO and hold it there for a second or two. I'm ... more »

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I didn't ride all winter, loaded up at 2AM, drove to Club MX, and hit the sand track as the Practice Facility was closed due to rain. That is not a place to get back into the flow of riding! I had fun, but that track beat the crap out of me. But I think ... more »

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Supercross-style obstacles and easy to ride 250 and 450Fs are what is causing the injuries. Riders without much skill and/or experience can jump crazy stuff just by twisting the throttle. One has to be more skilled, experienced, and dare I say cautious ... more »

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I'm not sure it is "promoter greed" that is driving 30-40 classes. I think some racers demand these miscellaneous classes with only a few entries because it gives them a chance to do well or win. Those with fragile egos may not want to race 40 fast riders ... more »

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At the risk of inciting a riot, can local races duplicate the format that REM uses at Glen Helen? I have never raced there, but it seems they restrict the number of classes, run multiple classes simultaneously, and offer a natural terrain track that ... more »

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I heard Carter in Vegas sold one for 15K. I imagine the deals struck at other dealers were in the 13-14K range. This is roughly twice as much as a 7K leftover 450. I'd take the leftover and use the remaining $$$ to go racing for a year.

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It would be cool to have a Legends class at Loretta's that would only allow former pro racers. Imagine MC, Dubach, Sleeter, Preston, Matt Walker and the like dicing around for 20+ two. With MC helping with Team Green this would also be a great way to promote the brand. If the stock/limited classes were reduced, there would be room in the program for something like this.

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I'm sure the bike is great, but is it worth double the cost of a different brand 450? I have seen 13, 14, and 15 450s in the 7K range.

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Maybe amateur motocross has been priced beyond the reach of the middle class. If only the upper middle class is racing, there will be less races because this is a smaller group. It seems the only people racing nowadays are kids who have parents who pay ... more »

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Let the big dogs fight it out without interference from officials. Reed's intention was not to injure Canard. He wanted to stand up for himself and ruin Trey's race like Trey ruined his. This could have been a podium for Reed and the beginning of a run ... more »

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am·a·teur [am-uh-choor, -cher, -ter, am-uh-tur] Show IPA noun 1. a person who engages in a study, sport, or other activity for pleasure rather than for financial benefit or professional reasons. Compare professional. 2. an athlete who has never competed ... more »

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There should be a separate class for former professional racers. Motocross is all about talent and opportunity, and former professional racers have exponentially more talent as well as the opportunity to grow this talent compared to amateur racers. Imagine ... more »