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That’s a Hard cock to suck Ricky 😂

Reply to Do Ricky and leigh not see the split views? 1/19/2021 6:54 PM

Couldn’t believe it was missed. Dude was basically going backwards to make contact 😂

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Reply to Supercross live picture quality 1/16/2021 11:53 AM

SX pass international (Canada)

250A second qualifier is beautiful for me
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I’m international (Canada) and my quality is good!

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My quality has been perfect since the start of broadcast, same set up, Apple TV to 60” LED Samsung

Reply to SX IN CANADA 1/15/2021 10:51 AM

See you at the Manitoba races old balls, I’ll let ya know what I think of you when I see ya 😂✌🏻

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Well I apologize old balls if my online reputation of a public forum doesn’t consume me in the same ways it does for you. You glorified member badge will be in the mail ASAP, in the mean time I came by to leave an important notice for you since you feel

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Highly disagree. It’s extremely easy to watch every single race live at any point of the day from your phone, Apple TV, computer etc. The only ones who have a hard time are the ones who make it hard on themselves and want a discount. I pay full retail ... more »

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Well when you figure out how to get the riders fair pay I’ll still be here waiting years down the road. And I’ll also be enjoying supercross live each event that totals $10.50 CDN for 3 Hours of HD content that wasn’t possible to have 5 years ago on ... more »

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I do not understand for one second how you could be disappointed, unless your just being cheap which I do not feel in the least bit sorry or like helping that situation. I’m not going to jump on the wagon of “If you can afford to ride you can afford ... more »

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It’s not a service offered outside canada, sorry to say but tough shit. I’m Canadian and 5 years ago using a VPN, hoping you had a friend with satellite who would share their TV provider login or streaming off some bullshit site that gave your computer ... more »

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Quit being cheap. I can’t believe this is even a topic of conversation, compared to other sports pricing and pay per view etc. It blows me away someone could actually bitch. The amount of content on the app, and quality is worth every single penny. I ... more »

Reply to Barcia qualifies on top! 1/9/2021 9:33 PM

Vital on that MXA buuuuuullshit 😂

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Honestly that was my biggest concern too and I the photos I can’t promise you it looks wider than it really feels! My oldest son is 7 and he bombs around on it very well! If you really wanted you could certainly take more material off the handlebars ... more »

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Tusk Riser mounts with 1-1/8 Adapter kit. Stock 2018 YZ250F bars cut 1/2 inch on either

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12 Concussions, 14 Trips to the Operating room, 26 broken bones, back and neck twice and head to re learn how to walk the second time, both knees, both shoulders, both femurs, collarbones blah blah blah. Accessed my fair share of our Canadian Healthcare.

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Wow.. just wow. What an absolutely amazing group of people. With everything that gone on this year, and in this young mans life it’s been fair to say 2020 has been a year to be forgotten, but I can say honestly for myself and likely many others that ... more »