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I felt the kind of tingle only a nun holding a cucumber would understand.

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Honestly that was my biggest concern too and I the photos I can’t promise you it looks wider than it really feels! My oldest son is 7 and he bombs around on it very well! If you really wanted you could certainly take more material off the handlebars ... more »

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Tusk Riser mounts with 1-1/8 Adapter kit. Stock 2018 YZ250F bars cut 1/2 inch on either

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12 Concussions, 14 Trips to the Operating room, 26 broken bones, back and neck twice and head to re learn how to walk the second time, both knees, both shoulders, both femurs, collarbones blah blah blah. Accessed my fair share of our Canadian Healthcare.

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Wow.. just wow. What an absolutely amazing group of people. With everything that gone on this year, and in this young mans life it’s been fair to say 2020 has been a year to be forgotten, but I can say honestly for myself and likely many others that ... more »

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I also Love me some GL, but there is serious shit going down with him and pings attitude. 😂

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Reminds me of that kid in the “Greatest Freakout Ever” vids. The screaming fit spark plug video, super cringey to watch. The Instagram profile and fake ass wanna be team set up as a 26 year old C rider.. even more cringey. But that music video man.. ... more »

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Sound advice but I would for sure focus first and foremost on truly understanding the craft and being hand on to learn. Gotta be able to have something to market and be a viable business. But absolutely learning that stuff is a great step as well! It’s ... more »

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Oh boy

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Rebuilding a 2006 CRF450 for a friends son, upon disassembly noticed the cylinder has some crazy pitting I’ve never come across in my time. I believe it’s a vertex cylinder replacement (was told that’s what a dealership used) has anyone come across this?

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Awesome! Whoever TF downvotes something like that has a real issue. Downvotes need to be made visible so they can be blasted!

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For those of us with the previous gen CRF (17-20) Is there anyone out there with enough technical insight to know how difficult it would be to make the current gen CRF450 Hydraulic clutch work on our bikes? This is something I would love to have on my

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Hey guys, I’m trying to see if there is someone out there who can begin to help me out with the strangest problem I’ve ever run into with a bike. I just picked up a used 2018 CRF450 locally and after cleaning it up and putting a few parts on it I have

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Looking to buy either a slip on system or full exhaust system for my 2018 450. Would like a yohsimura but will look at FMF too!

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Are you guys serious? He’s a media dream for any sponsor. Look at all the endorsements he’s had over the years. He has a million followers on Instagram, which is a pretty decent following. These social media influencers now make very good money, a million ... more »

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HELP! Today while working on a bike in my garage I mistakenly knocked a Keihin carb off of a 2008 KX250f off my workbench and completely demolished the TPS sensor. It’s not salvageable and a new one is over a week away, which I will end up purchasing

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Yeah my race day live on Apple TV in Canada is no bueno right now. Started of lagging and now absolutely nothing

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