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He lied about most of his career did he? Thank God we have guys like you that were there and know the real scoop on somebody's life. The next time I see Mike I'll have to rag hmi for lying to me all these years.

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I come and check out what’s going on here every 6 months or so, and this post caught my eye. I am amazed at all the different opinions from such a wide variety of guys, some are close and some are nowhere near the right answer. Let me see if I can help ... more »

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Not always true, and photographers aren't sponsored by anybody. We may get free stuff here and there, but sponsored? no.

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Straight up perfect, true to size.

Reply to Calling Out BrownDogWilson 6/14/2017 8:52 PM

Apparently I haven't posted here for 6 years, and for whatever reason something crawled up my butt and I came over to see what's going on in the world of Vital. The next thing ya know I am on page 5 and I see my name, was not expecting that. Usually ... more »

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I can't handle all the speculation. He has to ride Arenacross and earn his points before he can do SX. He was also hurt for almost a year after he won his Horizon award and was sort of forgotten. He is biting at the bit to race, but he is upset he isn't ... more »

Reply to The Real Reason Barcia Missed San Diego 2/11/2015 2:36 PM

I have been working with Mercedes for over ten years now, and I would say she has only gotten better over time. She is still absolutely stunning, in tip top shape but doesn't work out much, and is a very cool chick in general. And she used to be Miss ... more »

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This post is a few years old, but when I saw it I had to jump in. I have been wanting to rebuild another 125 and I couldn't pass up this deal. It's an 04. The pic below is how the bike is now, all I did was polish her up a bit. It was ridden by a good

... more »
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He had to do it, there was bannered off area right where GuyB and I were standing.

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And that is why it is good he didn't tell somebody like you where it is. It is privately owned land and the road is pretty much on the side of a cliff, that's why it is hard to get to. Either way, nobody is riding up there anymore and if you cut any ... more »

Reply to TSM: Joey Peters #535 Brawl on the Beach 11/1/2013 6:49 PM

I guess I was busy looking at all the sand too! Hope to see you all again soon!

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I watched the whole video and didn't realize until the very end Joey is running my sticker on his visor . Atta boy Joey!

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I'll talk to Mike and see if he has any interest in doing more. Yes DC had to to a lot of editing, there must have been at least 30 pages of text. The interview took several hours to complete. And to those of you that don't know Mike and have negative ... more »

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If only it were true!

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I was the one the girls were posing for today, so I got to spend a few hours with them all. Chloe is a very sweet young lady with a Southern accent that will make you melt. I was shocked as hell when one of the first things she told me about was her ... more »

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I posted this elsewhere too, but it looks like this might be the right place for it,,,just my 2 cents.. "If the USA wins, nobody cares?" Speak for yourself, I am damn proud of our boys that represent and bring home the trophy! That quite possibly is ... more »

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Thanks Mike! Hey I was over in Anaheim yesterday and I heard something about a race. I got stuck over at the Monster rig!