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Speaking of camo... Tagger Designs and CA Gear have something new coming very soon. Our previous Bell Tagger "REKLUSE" Mossy Oak camo Moto 9 FLEX replica design was a big hit! We're expecting this next set of gear to be more popular than our first design, ... more »

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That's awesome! Stoked on this.

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I'll be there with the crew!

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Bell Moto 9 FLEX and Arai VX- PRO4 are my top choices for safety and comfort. Remember when buying a helmet, comfort is a big factor.

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Pretty rad that they're #19 & #20. Stoked to see Bogle get the spot!

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Surprised no Fredrik Noren.

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I'm in the same boat as you right now, Jeremy (except I don't ride anymore)

I'm still young. Motocross is my life, my passion, and after having a couple of regular jobs, I realized how much I wanted to find my spot working in this industry ... more »
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I know for sure that most companies will go as far as customizing their off the shelf product. It has been said that Bell customizes the chin bar on James Stewart's Bell Moto 9's, making them longer because he doesn't like the closeness of the off the ... more »

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We kind of know who the favorites are, so I don't feel like I need to talk about them. I really feel like Deano could have a breakout year, overcoming severe adversity the last 2 years. He has definitely been putting in the work on and off the bike. ... more »

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Remember what happened to Nagl when he switched from HRC Honda to Factory Husqvarna? I don't see anything but positive results to come from Gautier. I will definitely be rooting him on!

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Some rad stuff in this thread I've never seen before! Super cool, thanks for sharing

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Thanks for the love on the Tagger/CA gear! The stuff is legit. As you probably saw watching the Red Bull Straight Rhythm, Austin Politelli had a nice debut with it and he has been one of our main guys with testing and giving us feedback, as well as an ... more »

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Cooper Webb is wearing A Stars, and Mike Alessi switched to Just1 helmets.

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KTM's are one of the more compact 450's I believe? Maybe that's why he looks smaller on the bike. Definitely a good debut ride for him on orange

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Stoked on this whole deal all around. Gonna be great to see some more solid dudes on these yellow machines.

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Biggest disappointment of the night was Lorenzo Locurcio. Dude is taking Luke Renzland's spot on Cycle Trader/Rock River Yamaha and turning pro in 2017 SX, and got straight up smoked. I respect everyone on the gate for their talents and what they do, ... more »

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I have a '99 Ranger XLT, V8 manual with 2 wheel drive. Worked perfectly with bike(s) when I rode! Yes, I could fit 2 big bikes in the bed with the tailgate down and a gate to hold everything in. One bike fits easily, just need to swing the ... more »
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How 'bout this one he wore in the night show?
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Thanks. teggers, did you take this photo? Or do you know who did?