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IMO these are by far the best videos Racer X has been putting out, as well as the “Best Post Race” interviews with Weege. Good stuff, can’t believe we have to wait 2 more weeks for ‘Dilla

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Damn those sets look good, stuff was so ahead of it’s time. I miss those No Fear days! A lot of it definitely has to be a custom typeface, but nowadays there’s so many resources you can find to try to get something pretty exact to what you want.

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I get what you’re saying about the Arai having those plastic vents screwed all over the top/back of the helmet, they are meant to break away in a crash because they are very easy to take off, the 3 main ones on the back are basically held together by ... more »

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Thanks for everything GuyB! I knew this day would come, but really who wanted it to. I have been around Vital for years, even before I made my account, and just thinking how sick of a job it would be to be a part of the crew in some way. I have so much

... more »
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Not my cup of tea either. Basic fonts plastered on blank gear is just so lackluster.

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Honda is sitting there unchallenged, comfy and healthy enough to be reading a magazine, while KTM continues to work and surpass them in the years coming. Now, who’s following who? Sounds like a factual story

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Great listen, I feel like if you have some time it’s easy to click and listen to, or even if you’re occupied doing something else that isn’t too distracting from grasping the key points Chris and Steve are making. Insightful enough to keep you listening, ... more »

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Thanks for the love, as far as getting to the OP, we are currently 3 months out for full custom paint. There are many custom painters out there that would gladly take your work! Just depends on how much you want to spend, quality, timeframe, location, ... more »

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Very interesting. Always speculation with any crash, but this is some serious damage. Glad Marv was able to walk away with only a concussion. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Official Leatt (@officialleatt)

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First time Daytona is labeled as a "West" coast round also, if I'm correct.

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JGR is definitely not get any improvements in the luck department, shitty deal. Noren DNF'd the main too, right? Hope Tickle can have a speedy and safe recovery and make it back in time for SLC 3 next Sunday.

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10 pm EST. C’mon now

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I have no doubt that ML's team is gonna come back and become even better for the rest of the year/next year! Seems like nothing but professionalism coming from his side as expected. It's a weird time right now with so much uncertainty, not just with ... more »

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penor's Kawasaki
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Camp332's Honda
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JasonAbbott's Suzuki
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MX2Havasu's Suzuki
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2018.5 450 SX-F FE #973
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Didn't Heath Voss win a WORLD AMA SX Championship on that Factory Yami? That's even more forgotten.

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I'm trying to qualify in the B class on PS4. It just sucks how the qualifiers are only 5 laps, and with nearly a full lobby you need to get a hot lap within the first 2 laps before it gets too rough and rutted up.