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Right that camera angle is badass! My buddy would always use it, I never understood how he could go so fast with it. I'm most excited to just get back into the MvA series overall. Haven't been big on it since Reflex so it's been a while... And terrain ... more »

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Thanks Maverick, already behind the 8 ball a little I still need to make my PSN account! I'll get that request going

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Pre ordered mine on amazon so I'm anxiously waiting for it to come in the mail! Maverick, can you fill me in on how to join the Vital PS4 group again?

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Have been rooting for Brayton since the Muscle Milk/MDK KTM days! Such an emotional win, long overdue.

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Agreed, it is odd but it works and looks badass. He's always in a "tuck" looking position it seems and it makes him look very aggressive on the bike. His scrubs are badass, too.

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I think it is hard to have an open mind for All Out because the last couple games they've put out have been shit. But I can't wait 'til this game finally f'ing drops! Just played some Reflex the other day and it got me amped.

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I seriously can't wait for this game, really looking forward to getting my copy I pre ordered from Amazon. This is coming from someone that has raced at a professional level on MX Simulator the past few years and recently called it quits on that game

... more »
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HAHA. Even though I rarely post anymore, still on here about every day! Keep up the great work crew. Excited to see what the new feature is.
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Top 10 at Atlanta with the triple crown format!

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I believe after you hit that first gate drop in the heat race, there is no chance of turning back and racing the other coast, no matter how bad of a night you have. Someone correct me if I am wrong!

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Glad I pre-ordered MX vs ATV All Out instead of this POS. Only thing that amazes me is the graphics. The rest... well you guys said it all.

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I strongly believe Marvin is going to be your 2018 AMA and FIM World SX Champ

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This thing is fresh! The SE4 is super comfy & light, whoever wins it is gonna be one pumped dude

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That national track reminds me of Cedar Mills from MX Unleashed, looks badass. Just hope they get the physics right! It's been a while since I've played any of the MvA games.

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I like the message behind why they went with this look... but they could've pulled it off A LOT better IMO. Can't wait for Saturday!

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Barcia & Pourcel... two people that have expressed how much they didn't like the Yamaha's... would be strange. But definitely a great opportunity for either rider.

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More on Tickle... saw this shot TWMX posted with Broc in the background standing beside Matt Winters from Red Bull KTM, watching the MXGP of USA race this past weekend.
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Webb or Osborne are very solid choices for a 3rd Red Bull KTM. (If Canard re-signs for '18)