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JGR is definitely not get any improvements in the luck department, shitty deal. Noren DNF'd the main too, right? Hope Tickle can have a speedy and safe recovery and make it back in time for SLC 3 next Sunday.

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I have, I believe I ended last year in 56th overall. Didn't get any prizes or gift cards

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10 pm EST. C’mon now

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I have no doubt that ML's team is gonna come back and become even better for the rest of the year/next year! Seems like nothing but professionalism coming from his side as expected. It's a weird time right now with so much uncertainty, not just with ... more »

Liked a bike check penor's Kawasaki 4/30/2020 11:01 PM
penor's Kawasaki
Liked a bike check Camp332's Honda 4/30/2020 10:44 PM
Camp332's Honda
Liked a bike check JasonAbbott's Suzuki 4/30/2020 10:20 PM
JasonAbbott's Suzuki
Liked a bike check MX2Havasu's Suzuki 4/30/2020 10:19 PM
MX2Havasu's Suzuki
Liked a bike check 2018.5 450 SX-F FE #973 4/30/2020 10:14 PM
2018.5 450 SX-F FE #973
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Didn't Heath Voss win a WORLD AMA SX Championship on that Factory Yami? That's even more forgotten.

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I'm trying to qualify in the B class on PS4. It just sucks how the qualifiers are only 5 laps, and with nearly a full lobby you need to get a hot lap within the first 2 laps before it gets too rough and rutted up.

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Gannon Audette on PC Kawi. Kid had some flashes of brilliance on that machine and even some podiums I believe. Bummer he retired so early.

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I'm stoked to hear what they've got up their sleeves, hopped on it last night and did some online on SX and it turned into a full lobby after a few races. It was super fun and felt good to get some wins!

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I'm all for it and not shocked they're working on a sequel, it's been news for quite some time if you follow their social media accounts. I'm a big fan of the MX vs ATV games over the Monster Energy Supercross/MXGP game series.

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Yes, Bell's are noticeably smaller and narrower than a 6D for sure, but like aeffertz said, any helmet has a smaller appearance compared to a 6D especially when you go up in size to those big XL+ sizes. The double EPS liner and technology with the ODS ... more »

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I was there in SD and saw the whole thing, I'm surprised I haven't seen any footage of it anywhere. So, Brayton gets bumped and ran off the track by Anderson in the 90 degree turn right after the second SX triple. Brayton then rides at a moderate pace

... more »
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My hot lap on Washougal is 2:03 and I can run pretty consistently in that 2:05 range. It's honestly all about setup, been fidgeting with it a lot! I'm on PS4

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I will be giving you an add on PSN when I get around to it! I will definitely be getting the AX DLC tracks. But like others in here, really wanting some National track DLC about now.

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Wishing the best for Broc. Such a bummer deal