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I have a 2002 factory Suzuki Rm250 that was one of Rodney Smiths race bikes as well. I switched the gas tanks for motocross, but I have everything with it like certificate of authenticity and autographed photos and such. I’ll never let this ... more »
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Where did you get that?! I use to have a sponsorship from HoT when I was on 80’s, would love to have some retro Honda of Troy gear

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I have fenders, gas tank, seat, showa suspension, complete wheels... all from an 06, but I believe 04-07 was all the same

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Who Cares !!! SUPERCROSS SUCKS!!! I Don't see the 20th place guy making $2000, What a JOKE!!! a Band Aid on a Bleeding Artery. You want something positive?, Bring in a 250 2 stroke class, Feld is a cash cow, just like MX Sports, Nothing positive comes from GREED!!! Where does all the money go?, 50,000 people at a...more

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No surprise that neither of the Stewart's are there. Everyone may as well just forget about james and Malcom ain't gonna be what his brother was

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Hell of a deal, if only it would fit the 01-03 I'd buy it. GLWS

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Interested. I'm located in Columbus

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Thanks buddy, I'll be getting ahold of you once I'm off work, round 7pm est time.

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Which site did you find that on? I can't find any for under $300

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In need of s stock or aftermarket header. Let me know what you have available. Would also consider buying a full aftermarket system if the price is right.

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Blackheart, did this bike ever sell on eBay?

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