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Map #2 alllll the way. Map #3 on the WE Honda is pull your arms out stupid.

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Last I checked, Gajser got beat by 1.) A kid who has never raced a 450 2.) Basketcase Tomac who crashed during the race 3.) Mookie who hasn't line up for a race in 10 months, and 4.) Vince Fuckin' Freise

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" 1-2 Kicks" !?!? You should be pushing a button, bro. lol But if you keep a clean airfilter, don't bounce off the rev-limiter constantly and it's running fine.... I wouldn't even check it until 100 hours

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Since competing against each other in the 450 class (2013 onward) both riders have actually had really similar results on paper. Barcia: 3 wins, 12 podiums Reed: 3 wins, 13 podiums Barcia's last win came in Jan. 2019 and Reed's last win was Feb. 2015 ... more »

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As long as Gajser doesn't crash his brains out, he beats Chad every time.

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I know it's a drag bike, but how in the hell are you even supposed to access the rear brake with that huge ass clutch on there?! Better off to just remove the lever, caliper and disc to save some weight

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Is it just a header with no exhaust(s)???? Because that motor was definitely engineered for more than zero backpressure....

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Even if Osborne, Deano, Brayton, Mookie and Hill all improve they still won't consistently beat Webb. He was hands down a better rider than all of them in 2019. Big whoops won't mean a thing considering in 12 of the 17 rounds everyone was just jumping ... more »

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There is actually a legal difference between the two!?!? Jesus... Leave it to a lawyer.... In that case, Assen would be a SX

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The biggest issue will probably be vision/goggle issues instead of track conditions... especially for the 250 riders who are going to be eating 450 roost for 30 minutes straight

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In his defense, I don't think it would surprise many people if Herlings qualified 5 seconds faster than every other rider this weekend.

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From a pure TALENT perspective, Motoconcepts would be able to compete with any team in the paddock with Mookie and Hill. Turning that into results...

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That's a clean 2010 you got there

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I guess the phrase "copyright infrigment" doesn't translate terribly well into Mandarin....

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I will say riding a 2019 YZ450 right after a 2005 YZ450...feels like freaking Jesus walking on water.

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Tomac is a straight up basket case. If someone is able to pass him he freaks out. If his settings are slightly off he freaks out. See a 6th in Minneapolis, a 12th in Arlington and a 6th in Atlanta. When's the last time you saw someone like RV, Stew, ... more »

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Since he's been out for so long, would he be eligible for the 250 class. 250 East coast on a factory bike could be pretty cool

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I mean, he crashed out at round 2 last year going Mach 5 through the whoops.... I feel we haven't gotten a good read on him. He could podium or he could get 12th... neither would surprise me since we saw him for 1.5 rounds in 2019

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I've drilled an eye bolt anchor into the foundation and then ran a thick cable through it and the bike. You can put the anchor near a wall or corner and after it's out, it's hardly noticeable after a tab of epoxy over the hole (landlord never knew about ... more »