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I still remember Jordon Smith absolutely SENDING it on the last lap of the Amateur All-Star race at MEC in 2013 trying to win. Granted, he did end up crashing and almost dying in doing so. But I've been a fan ever since.

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OK Boomer...

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That was mind-blowing. But why do all the trial guys wear open face helmets and spandex? Are they secretly road cyclists?

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If you watch the 450 C group (those are privateers) there is maybe one Suzuki on the track. Any pro rider who actually has to BUY and maintain their bike isn't buying a Suzuki. HEP guys aren't buying their own bikes and parts Lots of green and orange ... more »

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Dude, if you have ~$30k (car purchase) sitting around in liquid cash that's not a rainy day fund or for something specified you are either a drug dealer or doing it wrong. Put that money to work!

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It's called talented riders and other teams have a lot of it. Let's see how Pierce Brown does in year 2...

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I'd be willing to bet that you don't do any of those things either while you ride

... more »
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For a rider like Bagget to beat riders like Tomac and Roczen for a championship the bike would have to be SOOOO much better (no offense to Bagget)... like 250 two-stroke vs 450 four-stroke level better. To be honest, I don't know how to make a bike that's ... more »

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I was chatting with Barcia's mechanic at Glendale he said Barcia was running a 53 tooth rear and followed up with "but you definitely don't want to run a 53 on your stock Yamaha!"

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If you consider that a "shove" then ballet may be more up your alley

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Remember that one time in 2017 when Dungey was catching Tomac and they had that epic battle for the win?!?! Of course not... because Reed intentionally held up Dungey after going a lap down and we never got to see that

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My fiancee has this and deals with it in during the winter ski months. Hand warmers help tremendously and try to warm up your hands every chance you get

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Can you post the screenshot with your lines at 3:00 and 3:02 please?

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Physically fitting and designed for are two different things. If the exhaust system was never designed for the 2020 motor you could be hurting performance, in theory.

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My friend once bet me that he could ride his bike backwards down the ramp. Goddamn that was hilarious to watch

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Jmart looked pretty good at the Monster Cup.

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Top 10 qualifying times perhaps. But main event finishes? No chance. No offense, but coming out of retirement when you're racing young kids on factory equipment with the intensity of a honey badger is no easy task.

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This is like comparing a dry lap on the Nürburgring to a wet lap. Soooo much changes day-to-day, especially on a sand track

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About as accurate as saying I set a new "lap record" on my morning commute to work.

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Your tax liability is always zero... you just need to figure out how to get there