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reminds me of this YZ250 grom conversion.

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Both the YOT and YMUS engines were decent. Not like PC fire breathers, but they could hang. I worked there during this timeframe. Frenchy (Luke) built the engines in 2005-2006 and then went to factory Yamaha for their 250 program. So in 2007-2008 we ... more »

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There is a plate on the slide of the carburetor. That plate has a beveled o-ring seal on it. I've seen these go bad and cause all sorts of headaches. Its an easy item to overlook. Just because the carb was cleaned by DLR doesn't mean they replaced this

... more »
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Yeah, Wil Hahn got T-boned by Wharton on that one. I was Wil's mechanic that year. We straightened the bike out and he rode, but his hip and thigh were pretty beat up.

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I'm rebuilding an 02 YZ85 and the front brake is shot; needs new line, seals, etc... Will the 2019 fork guards bolt up to the 02 forks? I want to use the 2019 brake line with the updated routing. I will also need the brake line clamp. Thanks!

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Why aluminum? Many people feel that the steel frame handled better and rode smoother.

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Minneapolis area. But grew up in Nothern MN. Brookston was also my home track and I miss that place. Spent some time in SoCal as well and came back.

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I noticed this while visiting Neuschwanstein castle in Germany. King Ludwig.

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I used to work for YOT so being around and riding with Pro's wasn't unusual. But one specific"holy shit" moment sticks out in my mind from LACR, 07 or 08 I think... It was the first time that Bobby Bonds had jumped down into the pit from the top section ... more »

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Cool TX....but the RZ500 hiding in the back has me way more interested! Nice find on that one.

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I worked for YOT for 2 years and up until the doors closed. There is a good chance it is a Josh Hansen bike. We had a JH bike laying around missing some stuff, and I threw the bike together for a shop bike to use. It was a full on race bike except for ... more »

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Try getting in touch with someone from either Star Racing or Bills Pipes. I was a YOT mechanic in 08 when the team was dissolved. The team was supposed to merge with Star Racing in 09 but that fell through, but I think some of the old parts inventory ... more »

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I was Wil's mechanic for that season. I still couldn't believe what happened that night. Even before this video surfaced; this was the first thing that came to mind when I saw the start design. Both Wil and the bike got pretty banged up that night. Wil ... more »

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It is called a "reed stuffer" by most. If you're doing extensive mods, ditch the whole reed block set-up altogether and get a Moto Tassanari V-force set-up. It replaces the whole read block assembly. Note, you will likely have to cut your intake boot ... more »

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The 08 Honda 450 is widely considered one of the best all around bikes to date. Plus, no EFI makes trouble shooting a problem much easier.

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What he said! That bike completely slipped my mind for some reason. Good call.

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I mean no offense by this, but your riding skill level probably needs improving before you're ready for a 450. A 450 is likely the last bike, short of a CR or KX 500, that someone should be jumping on coming off of a docile entry level bike.You will ... more »

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It would fit with some effort, but the profile would be much less than ideal. 250's use a 1.85 rim, while 450's use a 2.15. 110 / 80 / 19 would be ideal tire for 250F