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He's 17 going on 18 so if he wins this title he would only be eligible to win 4 more technically as a teenager.

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That's all you can do. They don't have the money and it's extremely obvious they don't. It's 300 bucks and because of the simplicity to issue the refund it can be done anywhere at anytime. Facts are ML is straight up fucking hard working people and I ... more »

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It's clear what's happening. Lindsey took the funds for the race team. Race team is folding after hangtown. Wcl is going to file bankruptcy and close it's doors. He took all this money from customers to keep the team going and is going to fuck everyone ... more »

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From my experiences at red bud it is best to avoid any food that will make you have to make a trip to the shitters. Lmfao

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Sounds like I'm gonna make my way to the top of the hill and chill. I'm staying up in Riverside so I'm just going to try and get there at 730 or 8. Unfortunately I don't really have a pop up or anything. Just a bunch of tools lol.

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I'm from Michigan and am working in socal this week. I bought a ticket to go to Pala and was wondering where are the better places to view the track.

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Your upset about a guy that has struggled and was at the bottom. now he's became one of the most successful privateers and one of the best personalities in the sport you want him silenced You seriously should probably just get kicked off vital for bringing ... more »

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Im actually an ag and heavy equipment tech. I'm going to be honest sub compacts and compacts are not meant for heavy dirt work. The front ends are not super strong and I've seen many bevel gears break teeth from turning with weight. look into a Kubota ... more »

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I usually don't even watch qualifying because its so bad. I decided to try to watch it today and I was instantly frustrated. Tomac was literally on a fast lap. They followed him for half a lap and just cut to barcia rolling around and not even doing ... more »

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Any one else tired of watching riders roll around? You can't go from tomac on a hot lap to barcia just rolling around the track. The coverage hasn't improved at all. The dans can talk about any rider just give us something to actually watch.

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I have enough time that I listen to every pulp related show, whiskey throttle if a new episode is out, some of swaps, main event moto, keefers weekly episode, industry seating, and weege though out the week. I drive truck so im in the seat alot. I honestly ... more »

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I made this same post but it was taken down. Complete bullshit from the ama. From the frame, to putting Oldenburg in instead of piazza. Apparently the rule book doesn't mean shit. Sad part is they won't do shit to help Bobby out. I would be protesting ... more »

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Barcia didn't win by 14 seconds in a field loaded with young riders.

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You guys are right but thats beside what I'm asking

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Watching that race was exciting. But man did Cristian seem to fall apart at the end. Besides the bone head move he was sloppy on the bike and far from his smooth style. Its so hard to tell if he's actually exhausted or if Nichols pulling away and 3rd ... more »

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Anyone else think the east coast is way more interesting with all the privateer riders in it? Definitely had some awesome racing in the heats. Poor woodcock pounded the ground a little too hard...

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After listening to keefers podcast on the sherco it seemed it needed alot of work to be a full race bike. Grant obviously made due with what he had and made it work. Just seemed like stu was probably very vocal at somepoint about the bike and that led ... more »

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Its been announced for a while that hill is off and Brock is on. A little research would show this.

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my dumbass not using the clutch...

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The writing has been on the wall for both suzuki and jgr. They pushed and pushed for 12 years. They got race wins and some awesome TV exposure and coverage through the years. They gave guys homes and seemed to take good care of their guys. Its sad but ... more »