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I found a high temp version of the adhesive I used the first two times. I will be using rivets this time too.

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I prefer gold. Silver comes in second.

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Well, tried the brakes out. The stopping power was increased significantly. The only bummer is that the glue heated up and then everything failed. I either used the wrong glue or did not cure it properly. Since this material worked so much better I am

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My wife can't stand the smell of SC1. Would this be considered a deal breaker? I really need your advice. Thanks.

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Also: So Cal Maico The only part I have been unable to find is a replacement float for my original Bing carburetor. Luckily, the original 40 year old float continues to function properly.

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Poor performing dual leading shoe brakes are typically due to setup. Both shoes must contact at the same time They can be tricky and time consuming to adjust but once you get them dialed in they are fantastic.

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1981 Maico 490 front brakes.

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Here are the finished brakes. EBC on the left. Mine on the right.

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I am working on a set of brakes with more brake material that has a high friction coefficient. I used an old set of shoes and glued/clamped/baked the material to the shoes. Then I cobbled together a fixture to arc the shoes to match the drum. This is

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another easy and free thing to do is move the brake lever over as much as the bar bend will allow so you are grabbing the lever as close to the end as possible. Free leverage.

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I feel your pain. I too have suffered from migraines since I was about 13. I tried everything too and nearly quit riding several times. Even bike rides and yardwork would induce a migraine. I am 55 now and finally stumbled on a combination that works ... more »

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I have given this tip to first time racers for as long as I can remember. Line up anywhere you want. DO NOT try to get the holeshot. Instead, let everybody go then start chasing. Working your way through the pack teaches you much more than potentially ... more »

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If he is a dangerous rider there are several options. The petition is one option and it brings the situation to the promoter's attention. The promoter's would be wise to have a talk with the rider and put him on probation. If it happens again he takes ... more »

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#1. Changing valve guide seals on a Honda Accord by pressurizing the cylinder. Lost one keeper. I swear to this day if fell down into the oil galley. I fished with a magnet. Removed the oil pan. Turned the engine over with a long handle breaker ... more »
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I love the smell of speculation in the morning...

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Carmichael McGrath DeCoster Malcom Smith

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1982, Unleap Year GP at Corona Raceway. 16 yrs old. 1979 Maico 400. Got lapped twice.

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It is very possible that it is related to the way you use the clutch. Try riding it without using the clutch and see if you get the same result.

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One good way to decide is to go to a local race with similar soil and check out what the most prevalent tire is. That will get you pretty darned close. The other option is much more expensive but practically foolproof. Try a bunch of different tires ... more »