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Reply to 2004 KX125 6/18/2019 10:09 AM

Would you go 70$ shipped?

Reply to 2004 KX125 6/16/2019 8:55 PM

How much for the top end kit?

Reply to Am I the only one who can't ride a 450? 6/10/2019 8:22 AM

This to the T. I have a 16 crf 450 that is great for being competitive on , or going to the dunes on. I have a 07 cr 250 with the 01 motor in it , this bike is my favorite to ride due to it being well rounded. My 05 kx 125 lets me know I can still rap ... more »

New thread FMF 909 bars 6/9/2019 7:29 PM

Going a new direction with my cr 250. 909 cr high bars from back when FMF made handlebars. 5056204013 55 plus shipping, or trade for a 270 mm oversize front brake rotor set up for a 2012 crf 250.

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New thread Fox V2 helmet (new) Large. 6/9/2019 7:16 PM

Fox V2 for sale sat on the shelf for a year . Needs new home , I won this helmet in a silent auction last year. 135 plus shipping. I have pointed out 2 blemishes I found on it after it was shipped to me. Never worn riding. Tried it on once a year ago

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Reply to Seat Covers 5/18/2019 8:54 AM

With that find a pair of riding pants that have grip material on them as well. That way you will adhere to your seat better.

Reply to CR250 WILL START BUT NOT RUN!!!! 5/13/2019 6:08 AM

Put some high temp silicon on it to see if it makes a difference. It probably wont , but if it does you have identified the problem.

Reply to CR250 WILL START BUT NOT RUN!!!! 5/12/2019 8:02 PM

Starting from simple going to difficult. Check to make sure your air filter is not over oiled. Make sure your float level is correct. Remember a happy carb is important. Did your elevation change from where you picked the bike up at, if it did drastically ... more »

Reply to Need a frame for 2001 CR250 5/11/2019 6:01 PM

Find an 02 and up then do the conversion. You'll thank yourself.

New thread Offer up deal of the day 5/7/2019 6:32 PM

For 1500 this beauty can be yours.

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Reply to 2015 -2016 CRF 450R parts 5/7/2019 4:38 AM

I'm ready for your PayPal.

Reply to 2015 -2016 CRF 450R parts 5/6/2019 4:17 PM

Sold Ill take it. Its never been ran?

Reply to WTB. Kx 125 Gas tank 5/6/2019 1:30 PM Its for a KX 125 OR 250 from 99 to 2002. looks like you guys will have to ... more »

Reply to 2015 -2016 CRF 450R parts 5/6/2019 6:06 AM

Also Coffee is hot and ready. Does that mean I get tools now?

Reply to 2015 -2016 CRF 450R parts 5/6/2019 6:05 AM

How much for the piston?

Reply to 2003 CR250r Frame up resto-mod 5/6/2019 6:03 AM

Looking great

Reply to Used Hinson clutch cover 09-16 CRF450 $80 4/30/2019 11:09 AM

60 Shipped Saturday after I get paid?

Reply to Looking for a 2001 or newer XR100 or CRF100 4/28/2019 8:03 PM

Yeah me too but in my local area you could buy a big bike for what they're asking. The old XRs are suddenly worth their weight in Gold. Good luck on your search.

Reply to Crf parts showa springs, hammerhead, twin air, ti pegs, cerakote 4/25/2019 2:09 PM

Sent money Via Paypal just now.

Reply to To flip or to keep? 4/24/2019 8:21 AM

Do both spend 200$ on in be in it for 1700. Ride it for a year use it to train yourself on momentum and throttle control. keep it clean , but don't panic if it gets a little scratch. Then put it up in a year for 2750$ , take 2500 for it if it gets to ... more »