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Polar vantage M Lap times are about 95 percent accurate, sometimes a couple of seconds off per session but better than most GPS watches. Use the "Mountain Bike" setting when doing MX lap times with the Polar.

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What part of the country does Denny live in? I dont think he lives in California any longer correct?

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...depends on how many zeros are in his bank account...

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I bailed at 130 What number is your bike? I’ll have to come and find you

Started new thread Dogger... 11/20/2020 11:32 AM

... at Pala today. Still fast and smooth as hell.

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I did a 2:15 on the USGP track (with rattlesnake gulch in the layout) back on the last days of the track in June 2004 on a brand new Honda CRF250. I rode there just about every week they had CMC from 1976 until they closed. I thought I was hot shit until ... more »

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...I live my life SOLELY by following social media influencers. If they are selling it, I want it... /S

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(1) keep the bike, and slowly learn how to ride it in a big flat area. 450's are easy to ride if you don't just hammer the throttle. Bikes like yours work best with smooth riding and throttle control. These bikes have the kind of power and torque they ... more »

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Someone who I met that works for The KTM Group claimed a new MX model might debut in late 2021 with the 22.5 Factory edition, with substantial changes to the EFI system. My dealer kind of said the same thing, but who knows. I guess we will see in a few ... more »

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Who is Baggett's agent? Its it true the team owes Blake some money? Somebody will come along eventually to spill it. Button are you out there still?

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Canyon Steel provides and installs steel for commercial buildings. There is a LOT of money in that biz, I know because I've had to write some big checks to those companies... ... more »
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Baggett has had his Florida property for sale for a few months now, so retirement has always been sooner than later. Hopefully Blake heals up and gets one more shot at a title. If old man Osborne can do it so can Baggett

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Or g -force measurement. And it’s hard to start and stop with gloves on. I’d sure like a better GPS unit

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...well, if we are really going for hype and extreme exaggeration just make him the greatest rider ever...

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I backed off the factory setting on my KTM Friday to 9NM for the lower clamps, and I could feel the difference on the choppy corners. I also found out I need a better torque wrench that goes that low on the NM scale. I just wonder how much better the ... more »

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I didn't know he had an addiction problem, I just thought he was a dick. Now that I hear this I feel bad for the kid, I don't think he had much guidance growing up from his parents from what I heard. I hope he can accept some help to get well before ... more »

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Ive had the LitPro with their GPS device for about a year, it syncs with my Polar Heart rate M400 watch so I can get accurate heart rate data that matches up with my lit pro data. This way I can see if my heart rate is spiking on a particular part of ... more »

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Joey must be pissed.

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Dude I’m jealous. I’m sitting at fox raceway right now turning clickers like crazy, some of the square edges here just about knocked my fillings out. I wish I had my own personal WP guys at the track...

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Everyone said Jeremy Martin was too small and weak to ride a 450 and look how he did in Daytona. I for one think Alex Martin is a stud and will kill it on the 450 when he gets there. The dude is extremely fit and motivated.