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I havent, but I have had most of those guys scream at me as they passed me in the Alligator enduro-

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It's on 4 wheels! it isnt difficult to go fast on 4 wheels

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excitedly I clicked on this thread in anticipation of trophy girl photos- smh

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Looked to me last week like the ruts were one of the advantages ET had over Moose can

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There is always going to be someone faster, just the way it is. At some point, someone will do the same thing to Eli. Eli is just faster than Dungey this year. Everyone of you that race know this to be true.

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Eli will crash out and the diesel will win another title

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Looks like Florida- if Florida had hills

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absolutely love to watch him ride, his style is fantastic

Added a comment about video Onboard: Drew Higgins Shredding the 2016 Alligator Full Gas Sprint Enduro on a 2 Stroke 3/9/2016 10:33 AM

That little section at the 2 min mark with the log in the trail is going to get some folks- hope it isn't me!

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I race/ride off road- that looks like a great line to me!!

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I get lapped every weekend-

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My dream bike as a 10 year old
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1986 I got a job offer. Went and told my boss and he said "the grass may look greener, but I promise you it is not" The Roczens had what was as good as any team in the world and they bailed, left for more money. Their complaints fall on my deaf ears, ... more »

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Webb is a punk- He will be treated as such

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Says the clown with a picture of a QUAD in his sig!

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Seems like every time I have crashed hard, I was in whack, making awesome time and riding faster than ever- then BOOM.

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Wait, is that Weston Peick ?

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Hopefully we get to hear it!!