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I guess I don't get what Tyler's deal is and why he'd do that. A lot of the comments in here are about how effin big Tyler Bowers is ? Maybe compared to a 140# moto kid, but stand up to the punk and kick him in the fukn nuts, bite his nuts or whatever ... more »

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This guy is a bonified bad ass !! It takes a some serious mental strength to ride through that kind of pain and fatigue.

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Man that is one of my favorite bike looks of all time. I had the same 01 250 and could never get that damn thing jetted right for our East Texas weather/humidity. Your side number plates, have you cut those ?

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Loved Mosier Valley, and Swan in Tyler starting in the early 90's. Swan is still one of the most fun and fast tracks I've ever ridden.

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damn I've been watching this build and the only thing I've been saying to myself is man get rid of that damn pipe. But you pulled it off brother....Amazing work.

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That's about right as far as the $600-700 goes. We drive to the Dallas race every year and it takes about 3 hours but well worth it. If you can afford to go for the good seats it's a blast. Make a day of it going from practice back and forth to the pits, ... more »

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Exactly this guy works his ass off and has earned his place in this sport. Should Chiz just quit because you FUKN squids day so ? No !! He’s been a great ambassador to this sport and is the definition of a rider working hard to do what he loves and provide ... more »

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1994 Dallas Supercross Amateur Day with the baldy Arai and the 100% cotton MSR jersey. If only you could see the bright ass pink pants.

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That is no joke right there and I've been around two strokes for a long ass time. Extreme failure or extreme neglect borderline ignorance ?

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I think it's protocol for chiro's to tell us all that we have degenerative disc disease. I've been under the knife for my L5/S1 three times due to a severely ruptured disc. I went in to have an artificial disc in the place of my injured one and that

... more »
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I think his was the only stocker based on his interview. He said he was a last minute add after zacho pulled out. I think he just brought his suspension and a few goodies

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I was checking all the lap times for the top guys and for the longest time, Keefer had it with a 2:42 which I think was Saturday, but Alessi turned a 2:41 on Sunday. It blows my mind that Kris and Mike Brown who are no slouch by any means and Keefer ... more »

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I think Dungey rewrote the book on strategy and how to win, it's not always the fastest guy but sometimes the most consistent. The more confident and mature Dunge became I think the better he got. RV and Dunge were an amazing era of racing that we forget ... more »

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All I know is this !! I pour my 40:1 in my four stroke lawnmower and it smokes, I don't get it.

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I hate that the custom lids have fallen to the side but the factory designs aren't that bad in my opinion. I think it's all about the sponsorship dollars and I get it but I do miss the bad ass troy lee designs, my friend Gene Naumec always had a paint ... more »

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That gen bike was really timeless. I like the look of the updated YZ's but after seeing this one it's very hard up what he's done right here. I do miss the days of Supercross at Irving stadium with the smoke hovering above the track !!! Ahh good ole ... more »

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I think their mistake and no fault of their own is they had to develop those first generation YZ450's with the reverse cylinder. For instance if they would have been the support KTM team, I think we'd be having a way different conversation right now. ... more »

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There is a guy on youtube out of New Zealand I believe, I'll look up the name and video that has put a 500cc 2 stroke EFI engine in a newer gen YZF chassis. Per the video they were still trying to perfect the EFI portion but the bike sounded and appeared

... more »
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Dylan is definitely his own man that's for sure. At least I hope he's a man he damn sure doesn't sound like one. He has no shame when it comes to Eli and you have to love the hell out of that...BUT !!!! after five damn minutes of proving to him that ... more »

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Man a showing like this has to be killing someone like Aaron Plessinger, I really like this guy and hope that he can turn things around. But....seeing AC9 start so well has got to be a big kick in the gut. I'm not a YZ450F hater as that's the bike I ... more »