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2016 YZF 450, this one is the yellow clad bike. This bike has been ridden on a motocross track two times, Johnsonville MX, and Greenville MX. There are less than 5 hours total on this machine, the only thing I've done to it is add a Yoshimura slip on.

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This post is the most stupid shit I've ever read. God forbid you look at any facts before spouting off your opinion.

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You’re an idiot!!! I don’t care what he’s beat, they’ve all busted their asses to get to that class. Stop complaining and get out and do something productive

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Give the fella break he's in New Zealand !!! Maybe that's cool down there who knows...peer pressure can be a bitch too !!

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Just from a couch point of view the place is absolutely beautiful. And that's a spectators POV, but as a racer with the shadows and slick dirt that keeps it from being great in my opinion for what that's worth. But I'd love to ride it lol.

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Brother I hate that you’re going through this, I just lost my brother last Tuesday and he was 55. I know your hurt and this has been way worse than losing my father that lived his life to the fullest. I’ll be praying for you man just know that he isn’t ... more »

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Yeahhhhhh !!! That's a crap load of BS for what my opinion may be worth. I don't agree with what Matthes says that often but drop one of the other guys down to the 250. Webb or Osborne, Cooper is good even great but has been inconsistent and this years ... more »

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Buddy not everyone has the time nor the tools to even attempt motor work. Along with not having enough time....what happens when they do work on it and f-ck it up? Then they're out more time and money!! As far as the bashing on this cat goes !!! The ... more »

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I follow both these guys on Instagram and they're pretty hardcore and into riding a ton. His wife Sam is a bowed up little rascal too !!

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Great Great bikes man congratulations. I don't know if you do any trail riding at all but these things have such great throttle response that they can be a little sensitive in tight stuff. Just takes a little getting used to but man have a blast on her ... more »

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I get all the shit that Derek is saying but he's in the wrong's common courtesy and every customer's work should be done the same. If customer X paid for X, then don't give his ass a W, and don't give him two XX's. Give his ass X, and a receipt ... more »

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Brother I'm so glad you're doing good and that this shit head gets what he deserves. It's truly saddening that people like this get off so easily when there are so many good people in the world that don't deserve what happened to them like yourself. ... more »

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You have absolutely no idea what AMarts point of view was though!!

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I agree, he didn’t just find himself lol!! I think when Coop got on the orange bike and the program started to come together he began to get his mojo going. Now that he’s got today’s win, he will be even stronger I think....there’s something to the 450 ... more »

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I bought a 2013 KTM 150XC demo that I was told had 17 hours on the bike but had a brand new top end, new plastics, new pipe, new Action Sports Graphics. So, that tells you where I bought the bike here in East Texas. I get the sucker and I'm happy as ... more »

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Right !!! I live in East Texas which in my opinion is most humid place on this planet. Well maybe Florida is too....but to run in sweats at 95 degrees and 95% humidity is suicide. Give me the Peloton any day, work smarter not harder if that's possible. ... more »

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I think that if your head is somewhat round'ish lol, then the Shoei is a great fitting helmet. But an oblong watermelon head is not Shoei friendly....a couple of my watermelon head friends complain about that.

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Mannnnn the dang 1994,5 RM 125's sounded like no other 125 on the damn track...they were so crisp and just ripped for their time. But a bike of my own that sounded the best was the KTM 300, FMF works exhaust with the Lectron. Damn that bike barked !! ... more »

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My riding buddy has had Steve Hatch come down here to East Texas a few times and he's always preached to us to keep on the balls of your feet but to keep those toes pointed in as much as you can. That's very hard for me to do.