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Yeah I like the hell out of his bike. I know it's technically a YZ but it's no different than the KTM game.

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2016 YZ450F with less than 5 hours for sale. Bike was bought new in 2018 as my moto bike as I mostly ride cross country on a KTM 300. All stock except for the Yoshi slip on and I'll throw in a new pair of Sidi Crossfire 3's. Bike has only had 1 oil change

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I've been one to somewhat criticize the kid in the past but I think he will surprise everyone. He's tough and I bet he does very well and grits this thing out for the case of beer !!

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Damn much do you weigh ?? That may have some relevance to how quickly your soles wear. I'm 220 with gear and like the other guy mentioned with his Sidi boots....they've lasted a hell of a lot longer than ten hours. Especially with a stock ... more »

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Amart was a broken Tib/Fib if I'm not mistaken !!

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Beautiful build OP...bikes like this are what made us fall in love with moto when we were kids. Seeing the early pro circuit fender stickers, pink shock spring....good memories

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They seem to have a hell of a time hanging on to mufflers lol.....that may just be a rider specific issue though !

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Damn...that is not a good look for this team. Especially with Rodbell doing so well....Aray must be no effs given with his riding style.

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From what I listened to podcast wise regarding didn't sound like PC was too pumped on his attitude or something like that. Hopefully he does well he seemed to get it together this year.

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Does the Tomac brand still exist today ? I had no idea he had his own bike brand.

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Martins did the exact same thing....brothers no less going for a title and one going for a huge top 3 bonus. Hell that falls on Adam just as much, he should have punted MM to the bleachers holding the inside line. He probably outweighs Marv 40 pounds ... more »

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I did not realize how serious this was until I read the latest update on Twitter. We all love this sport and absolutely hate this side of it...but regardless of your/our beliefs we need to pray for this guy. He's been a great story to watch with his ... more »

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I think part of the issue here may be the inconsistency with how things like this happen each and every race. There are probably 2 or 3 privateer guys just trying to survive every race that have to pull in and have adjustments made for whatever reason...but ... more »

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Man I am right on the fence with adding another bike....Wanting another 125/150 so bad I can't stand it lol !! Nice bikes my man....

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You have lost your damn mind ,,,

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Maybe 5 total !!!

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Man I went to the Texas Back Institute after having continuing issues and surgeries on my L5/S1. They completely removed the disc and put in an artificial disc.This version is called a prodisc. I have been pain free from that issue ever since. I'd recommend

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I have to agree with you on his last couple of podcasts with Steve...I can barely hear him. It's like letting your friend know he has a booger hanging out of his nose....just tell him so he's aware.

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“There’s 40 other vultures out there who manage to finish the race on their tires. You see Darrell Waltrip usin’ up his tires?” Harry Hogge !! Days of Thunder

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Yeah me too.....that was the first thing I said when the Moto ended. He’s a good personality too.