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Im in the market for motorcycle stands, Id like to find a stand that is easily stackable because we will be taking 2 bikes in the back of the truck also ideally id be able to fit a gas can in the upside down stand stack. Ive been looking at the Matrix ... more »

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lol 5 gallons of mayonnaise

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Did anybody win or was this just a scam to spam our emails? I did not see a single post on any of the monthly or grand prize winners.

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Nice bike, good to see some activity representing Texas well. Is RSR a local company and why did you opt for it over HP, 812, TJ's RaceTech, or Factory Connection? Also have you heard any news on RedRock?

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I use simple green and cut it as needed but after hearing that shout works well I may have to give it a try.

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I use regular nike crew socks and nike tights for my knee braces. Best set up ever with ventilated pants any you feel indestructible.

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I see moto tassinari's on a lot of two strokes but I can't seem to find any for sale? Any one know if they have ever sold these? And if they did why did they stop for both 2 strokes and 4 strokes? Any insight would be nice. Thanks

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that looks terrible!!! Id like to see the actual OE model too.

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I would imagine they are very similar. The crossfire 1 and 2 are basically the same besides the plastic and replaceable parts. I know for a fact that the parts are interchangeable between 1 and 2 so, if you really cared enough, you could make your 1 ... more »

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Thanks Turbo. I will go with the Just 1. I am coming off the Bell Moto9 carbon and that thing has what fleets like little to no ventilation and a weighty helmet. Plus the Airoh has no online dealers in the US that i know of.

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I am tied between the both. The Airoh is awesome and light but i dont know of any dealers in the US but the Just 1 is available on RM. Input and testimonials plz.

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^^^^^^^ Id stick to polishing levers, foot brake pedal, kick start, etc. polishing anything will require maintenance. The stock look is always clean.

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where did you buy this if i might ask. Im looking to get one myself and have not found a reliable importer/dealer.

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Wtf is the radiator? I bet Mylers would rebuild it lol.

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try the SRS pro pegs on ebay. They are beutiful and welded footpegs that look like raptor pegs. Only ~$100

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Will this fit a 2015 crf?

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I sent you a text about the plastic and the arc lever. Looking to make a deal!!!

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Same. I'd like to know size and price if the renthal sprockets. Also potentially interested in the ignition cover and rad hoses