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I might would suggest changing the fibers out with some​ cheaper heavier duty ones. Thats what i did on my 450 to fight late day fade on long motos.

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Osbourne was a last lap one corner to go, have to pass to get the championship. Tomac slowing to hit dungey was just him trying to wreck dungey past 4th so tomac could hopefully win.

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Realistically i think he wasn't having fun and knew he didn't need to race anymore to be set up

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I've been running the 5mm down in '16 kx and i feel it made q difference. But i also run the hammerhead +10 shifter because i shift a lot more on accident without it moved away a little

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Very accurate gif

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Id check valves but that's just me

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Top 15 within two seconds of each other. Track is a joke

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I run je Pistons in all my kawis. Great Pistons

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She got a phone number? I could use a date....

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I think beer ruined James career

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Lot of rust on that brand new header

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Who gives a shit if an iconic jump is gone. Like honestly. If tracks never change, the shit gets old. So many effin codgers on this thread.

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I think theyll have to run 2 motos of the stock classes and then 2 motos of the mod classes right? Thats still a lot of motos and laps

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I mean yeah but even with 300 riders, theyre doing mod and stock classes in one day. That's just crazy FYI it doesn't affect me but still, i live 4,000 miles so i wont be racing but i just xant believe they'll do that and it run well

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Am i the only one who saw the email from mx sports about the south west regional being made into a 1 day event at pala? That sounds like the longest day ever and a absolutely horrible track by halfway point. How do you guys reckon they'll run 90+motos

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I never can really feel the difference except late in a moto when a cable clutch would start to get smoked vs a hydraulic doesnt have that feel. Maybe i rode different on them though. Very likely

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I paid 5980 out the door for my 16 almost 7 months ago

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Stick​ with the stock gearing. Its the best way to ride this 450 for a fella like you. Roll on The power and roll off the power, saves the clutch and motor too. You dont want it to wheelie but have traction throughout second and third gear. I promise. ... more »

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6' 4" and i run the pegs on the low spot and i love how it fits for me. Definitely a tall mans bike