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How does that work? I've seen people with the stickers on their campers for it. Do they just come by and dump the tanks and fill with water? Or do you have to schedule it and meet them at the camper?

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I agree with you, there's far too much traffic through there to park on the creek unless you can do like the Deegans and get behind another rig to block it all out. I'd like to get up on stagecoach and in the shade, but I'm sure it will be full by the ... more »

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This is what I've been running in my diesel since I can't find the Rotella.

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They did run out of spots, it was slammed out there. In all the years I've been going, I'd never seen it like that before. It was a combination of covid rebound and the 40th year of Loretta's. They opened up areas to camp that hadn't been used before, ... more »

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We go to the ranch every year, but have never brought our camper. I plan to bring it this year and stay there. My plan is to arrive at the ranch Saturday morning. Am I going to have to park way in the back, or is there still a chance of me getting in ... more »

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Well dang son, you're kinda decent. Romano should dominate Loretta's this year just like he did last year and you definitely kept him honest.

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Yep, Kdub was out with a broken femur and I forget what Travis hurt that time. Hamblin was the factory rider no one had ever heard of and he rode his ass off that year.

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They are all different, it depends on the trainer. We have worked with most of the big name trainers you can think of. Some of them were great, some of them only focused on the elite kids in the group and gave my kid no real instruction at all. That ... more »

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I found it interesting yesterday that his bike was under the tent for the Factory Kawi rig with Jason Anderson and not the PC rig. So either the groundwork has been laid for him to be on their team, or it was a space thing since PC had Ryder D racing ... more »

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How did he wreck? I was at the race and saw it out the corner of my eye. I told my kid someone just came up way short on the finish line, I didn't see what caused it though. Hope he's ok.

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You've clearly never watched him ride then. Yeah, the last few years have been rough, but the kid is still fast. I'm really hoping Jett can get these issues sorted out. He's a really good kid with a ton of talent. He's always made time to sit there and ... more »

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Can't speak on the YZ since we never owned one. My kid did race the KX then switched to a Husky. The KTM/Husky rider triangle is a bit more open than the KX is. He was getting a little cramped, I was able to keep him on the Husky for another 2 1/2 years ... more »

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Put together a resume. Most companies have a place on their website to apply for some level of support. You're a few weeks late getting support for next year as many aren't accepting resumes any longer and have selected their riders. Doesn't mean you ... more »

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Jett can't catch a break. It's been one injury after another for him for the last 4 years. Hope it's not too bad and he can make the East Coast. Was really looking forward to watching him this year, he's a really good kid and he had been really cool ... more »

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I'm curious about the hotels and restaurants in Waverly. I haven't seen if they were flooded or not and if they will be open by then if so.

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An old friend of mine had a 98 CR250 who was gutted when it was stolen. That bike belonged to another friend of ours that had recently passed away in a car wreck. About 6 months after it was stolen, he started dating a girl and she told him that her ... more »

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I'm between the MX Tech Lucky setup or the Enzo KYB conversion. Thanks for the heads up, I didn't know Race Tech offered a discount for Vital.

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Time for the annual black Friday deal thread, it's only a week away. I have seen nothing for black Friday deals so far. I'm really hoping a suspension company is doing something this year. I'm in need for a spring conversion.

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Yeah, it's not hard. As an engineer though, I just think it's a massive oversight in design by not having it hinged.

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I'm looking for a 4 stroke slip on, can be damaged or whatever. I'm not looking to spend much on it as I'm just looking for one to fit over the exhaust on the generator on my RV. Just a fun little project. Not picky, don't mind doing some dent removal ... more »

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