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Guys, its unrealistic to have a crew of at least 20 full time flaggers, pay for room, board, transportation, airfare and insurance as well as a salary. The cost would be substancial. plus, a full time crew wont know the track and its tendency trouble ... more »

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here is the crux of the problem..... and I dare anyone that's been around this sport long enough to shoot this down. Yellow flag comes out - Riders barely, if at all, slow up. They might, might, shift their line - or they might not. Countless times every ... more »

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the amount of retardation in this thread is astounding. so as defined and required in this thread to be on the list, its win on a professional level, then morphed into its winning a big bike title or you're a never was. ok.... then Kevin Windham. zero ... more »

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Hey dude, I was searching some Oklahoma threads and noticed yours about dirt scoot trails in SE Oklahoma. Do you do any of the OCCRA races? I think talihina has some sweet dirt scoot trails. I know they are pretty brutal on a mountain bike, anyways. Roll on.

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When RC was on his game for several years on 125's and several years on 250/450, only inspired rides could beat him, one-off lightning strike rides. KW, Ferry in a moto, Reynard come to mind. JS is the only guy to consistently be able to go "head to ... more »

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the next time you have a thought.... let it go. instead of typing on your keyboard, grab it firmly and moving in a swift vertical manner pound it into your forehead. repeat as needed. ;D

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hes not a headcase, hes brilliant. Think about the rules to stay in the 250f class. Now think about being a decently if not highly paid rider in that class... that you win heat races, have the fastest time for a decade.... makes you extremely higherable! ... more »

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The disparity in talent over the years has gotten a lot closer. I think one of the things that's overlooked is that now riders have access to ride real SX tracks during the week. Tracks being easier is a small part, to me its more because more guys can ... more »

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Hill brothers are the only two to win a 450/250 SX and a 250/125 SX. Vohland bro's only won 125sx's

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exactly its not like he did this weekly, its not like these two haven't traded paint over the years either, neither is an angel, and aggression is why they have championships. You look at every single champion ever, they take no prisoners. Shitty is ... more »

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1 ignition 2 maps. map is software. either the ignition works or it doesn't

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There is more to a race team than just the bike and semi. There is so much we don't see that it makes sense that a top flight level effort could run into millions. The easy to comprehend: semi - even a lease youre going to spend 200k wrapping the semi ... more »

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you can literally insure anything. Lloyds of London is famous and has been for literally centuries, by insuring risk of any type.

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From 85-91, if you weren't Ward, RJ, Bradshaw, Stanton, JMB, Dogger, any win was a wa-wa-waaaat?!? deal. winners from 93-2001 MC tons of wins, so much so that if MXkied Larocket Emig Albee Dowd Windham Lusk Tortelli won it was a giant killer type deal ... more »

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"they are running detuned 450 motors" this is a huge misconception. They aren't running stock detuned motors. Take a 450 motor, go to work on it, then they start shifting the power around which in a lot of cases takes away max HP they achieved, but the ... more »

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the 1997 was worse than the 1998 and 1999. BOTH the 98 and 99 though, there is a pattern of like or hate. the pattern seems to be the following: if you where a bigger, heavier, guy, you loved the bike. if you where a smaller guy, you hated it. Me, being ... more »

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1994 cr 125 The bike was an effing rocket ship right off the showroom floor. had DAMN good forks, brakes, handling, you name it. the bike was amazing. 2005 crf450r. this bike was so good, i regret to this day getting rid of it. amazing ... more »
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the reason alot of smartphones dont support full flash is due to the nature of how flash works.. its VERY cpu intensive. takes power for the processor work that hard, means battery life goes poof.

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guys, the main problem isnt all of you that HAVE updated.... its the wetods that HAVENT updated and that iOS is bugged and hammering the server continually for downloads, getting them then redownloading what it just downloaded with no request by the ... more »

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MC left because of multiple reasons. The main one as stated by MC in his book was that honda was being wishy washy. He would be told one thing by japan and another by honda usa. Them trying to write restrictions into his contract miffed him but they ... more »