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New thread Eye Candy for TylerMx967, including Brake Bracket 10/17/2021 10:38 AM

Feel free add those exotic RMs boys.

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New thread Walked out on my job yesterday 10/8/2021 10:31 PM

A weight is off my shoulders. The owner is an alcoholic and starts drinking mid morning then the trouble starts. Too many mistakes with drawings which we work off. Jobs having to be redone, tools been thrown around. Getting paid late, have to work weekends ... more »

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New thread All Blacks vs Springboks 9/24/2021 10:57 PM

Rugby Championship Springbok assistant coach Mzwandile Stick said they're not bothered about what the New Zealand press thinks about them ahead of Saturday's Rugby Championship clash against the All Blacks.The Springboks and the All Blacks will be meeting

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New thread Wallabies vs Springboks - Brisbane live now 9/18/2021 12:05 AM

Goodluck to you Aussie bastards... After losing by 2 points last week, here's hoping this will be a good one for us Saffa bastards.

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New thread Smoking and how to quit? 9/16/2021 9:58 PM

I was a late starter. Puffed a bit with the boys in the military but once I was out and racing again I was focussed on health and fitness. My very last race was in 1999. After racing I started to drink more and party more. I turned 30 in 2000 and everytime ... more »

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New thread Anyone else having a hard time? 9/14/2021 11:10 AM

I have secured a two year deal bringing up one of SA's top riders to the states. Next year we will hit all the top Pro Ams races whilst building a program for 23 Pro. My dilemma is that I have bad Carpal Tunnel which needs surgery. Fortunately I have ... more »

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New thread Gongratulations to Star Yamaha, DF14 and all French people 9/4/2021 9:37 PM

A proud day indeed for the French Nation and even the Frenchies up North....ala Maverick and his boys. Dylan is one helluva character and is a great ambassador to the sport of MX and SX. A monumental congratulations to All the Star Yamaha boys n girls

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New thread Any tig welding specialists here? 8/1/2021 9:36 PM

Im struggling to see my job. Im using a Kempi mastermig, a year old and getting the hang of setting it up per job. My problem I'm having is being able to see my job. Current helmut is s Speed Glass but i want to find someone better. Which hemut do you ... more »

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New thread RIP Gavin Williams 7/28/2021 10:01 AM

We lost Gavin Williams today due to a COVID induced heart attack🥲🥲🙏🙏 Gavin has a wild collection of iconic MX bikes purchased from the world market. His collection is insane. A must see for any enthusiast. I was not close to Gavin, we would share a few

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New thread I'm in a bit of s*** here.... 7/24/2021 9:33 AM

My eldest daughter just walked in with a Carrot cake and some wrapped gifts. She has been out since before I woke up. The time is 18h12. I've just asked her whats the cake for and her eyes widened like saucers....she replied, it's Mom's birthday.

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New thread Checking in... 7/22/2021 9:43 AM

I'm still humbled and thankful for all you guys compassion and generosity throughout my Covid pull. Tomorrow will be 1 week back at work. Its been a challenging week with fatigue and still experiencing flu-like symptoms... Will get stronger each day ... more »

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New thread To HR who sent me a PM 7/12/2021 8:57 PM

I tried replying but my send button no worky. Copied and pasted. Thanks for the message, most people will not understand how serious the Covid is until they have been through it themselves. At one point i thought that my wife would not make it. Happy ... more »

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New thread Jo Shimoda quietly flying the PC Flag 7/12/2021 1:46 PM

The kid may not be the fastest but he is a great ambassador for PC and he is quietly building his results each week. I'm really starting to dig the dude. Humble as they come. A new Shimoda fan here.

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New thread Thank you to ya all who have offered words of encourage as well as financial help. 6/25/2021 1:07 PM

Vital has so many solid caring dudes and I appreciate the pM's and mails from each and every one of you. My condition is getting worse and looks like I'll be admitted in the morning...if not tonight. BUT, Ill fight till I overcome. Thank you friends, ... more »

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New thread Happy Mothers Day.... 6/19/2021 11:14 PM all you bastards out there....may you have a good one.

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New thread Darwin classics 6/16/2021 11:23 AM

The Gerbil Rocket. 1998 Urban Legend(1997 - 1998) "In retrospect, lighting the match was my big mistake. But I was only trying to save the gerbil," Eric Tomaszewski told the bemused doctors in the Severe Burns Unit of Salt Lake City Hospital. Tomaszewski ... more »

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New thread MXoN's 2021 5/24/2021 10:21 PM

Its been said that Italy with host the 2021 Motocross Of Nations at a purpose built track in Imola. No advantage to anyone as the track will be new. The question is, which country will be able to field a stronger team than JH, GC and CV (Nederlands)? ... more »

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New thread A sight for sore eyes.... 5/23/2021 10:30 PM

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New thread Need some help about a property that was for sale in Florida 4/17/2021 9:54 AM

There was a thread a while back with someone selking a riding facility. I cant recall the topic title. Anyone know or remember who / where it was? Thanks in advance.

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New thread What is this? 1/29/2021 5:32 AM

I'm going through "challenges" with my 13 yr old daughter and we are having to monitor all her activities. Can any shed some light as to what object in the picture is.

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