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Reply to Why did you Quit Racing Motocross 9/17/2021 11:35 AM

My last race was back in 1999, Okeechobee down in Florida. Left hand corner after the start then a monster jump. No idea why i did it but i held my Varner built KX250 wide open and flat landed so bad that i thought i broke my back. I was 29 and decided ... more »

Reply to Will Deegan Leave KTM? 9/17/2021 11:10 AM

Langhammx, here's a old throwback of myself and Caleb. Was our last season in SA before moving onto the States. 2018 - 450 and 250 Champion.

... more »
Reply to Is this a 80cc it has gears and cluch 9/17/2021 10:32 AM

Old Italjet, the JC5D had a single shock,both are automatic. That one is pre 1980.

Reply to Will Deegan Leave KTM? 9/17/2021 9:55 AM

I'm pretty sure he will sign the contract Star has put on the table. Only a matter of time.

Reply to CATANZARO TO PC CONFIRMED 9/17/2021 9:49 AM

So Alfrot signs up today to post that?

Reply to SOS. Season's over syndrome. 9/17/2021 2:03 AM

The blady Wallabies pipped us last weekend. We'll try again tomorrow.

Reply to Smoking and how to quit? 9/16/2021 11:17 PM

I tried chewing whilst i was in the states..think it was, its just not for me..then the boys spitting in Gatoraid bottles or coffee cups further put me off. Here is SA nobody chews. Never seen anyone here chew and you dont see chew ... more »

New thread Smoking and how to quit? 9/16/2021 9:58 PM

I was a late starter. Puffed a bit with the boys in the military but once I was out and racing again I was focussed on health and fitness. My very last race was in 1999. After racing I started to drink more and party more. I turned 30 in 2000 and everytime ... more »

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Reply to SOS. Season's over syndrome. 9/16/2021 9:43 PM

Long damn wait for SX, fortunately there is Motogp, MXGP, f1, SBK, Rugby, XBOx and I have three guitars that im going to dedicate some time on. Been hacking away for 20 years and still cant complete a full song. Monster Cup? I also suspect the Dumgeon ... more »

Reply to Anyone else having a hard time? 9/15/2021 11:20 AM

Not low cost...its a high cost of living. My salary buys pertrol, electricity and moderest food. My wife's salary pays rent, school fees and her contribution to med aid..her company pays half. Then there is fugall left over..

Reply to Anyone else having a hard time? 9/15/2021 10:58 AM

I don't have many friends who care to hear my dark problems, they are to busy iving a well earned life. With that said, I'm tired of the grind and I'm searching for the need to go...just trying to find the balls to do it.

Reply to Anyone else having a hard time? 9/15/2021 10:29 AM

Honestly, I'm fucked. My arms from elbos down are weak. Trying to figure out a way out have surgery without going bankrupt. I selling everything i own to cover the down time.. recovery time whilst i cant work will bankrup me. Effing life just keeps throwning ... more »

Reply to Anyone else having a hard time? 9/14/2021 9:09 PM

I have to pull the trigger on surgey here as its way more cost effective than the USA. I have problems in both elbos and wrists and as soon as my current job runs out, have secured a 5 month job, ill earnegòod money which ill save as much as i can so ... more »

New thread Anyone else having a hard time? 9/14/2021 11:10 AM

I have secured a two year deal bringing up one of SA's top riders to the states. Next year we will hit all the top Pro Ams races whilst building a program for 23 Pro. My dilemma is that I have bad Carpal Tunnel which needs surgery. Fortunately I have ... more »

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Reply to Self Appraisal 9/12/2021 1:50 PM

My tabs are working and its time for some shuteye. Goodnight all and thanks again for the thread.

Reply to Self Appraisal 9/12/2021 1:48 PM

Some random pics......but you will easy pick out

the Sierra Leone pics. The way they conducted war was draconian. ... more »
Reply to Self Appraisal 9/12/2021 1:09 PM

Matt, i have a passion for rotorwing A/c. Was in aviation for about 10 years, licenced on the R44, S313, B206 and uh-1h (B205) Could never pass my comm (so most flying done up North where licence is the least concern in certain countries) PPL has lapsed

... more »
Reply to GuyB - Enjoy Your Retirement and Thank You 9/12/2021 11:46 AM

Thank you Steve for the years of content you gave us. Locking us up and then giving us parole is appreciated. Nevertheless, all the best for your next chapter. I suspect the pic bellow is part of your plan....

Reply to Self Appraisal 9/12/2021 10:45 AM

Here's a good ol story....we are at a national about a 1000 kms from home. My oldman and myself are down at the gate for my last moto. My mom has been on the bottle the whole day. Moto ends and we get back to the pit. The van, trailer and mom are gone. ... more »

Reply to I used to think gl was good 9/12/2021 9:43 AM

Grant's cure-all race gas. Missing him in the box but I'm good with who ever replaces him....if you will.