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Interesting days ahead...

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Suzuki and Kawasaki entered a business partner relationship a few years back and developed a joint motorcross bike. They also share some tooling, but are still totally separate companies. If that agreement still stands then why not supply Suzuki with ... more »

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We've all seen the 2014 Toronto Sx where Stewart came from a mediocre start and was pulling the trigger on insane rythym section combos to make time up. My only wish was that Carmichael and Reed were in that race and in their prime. Would have been really ... more »

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Stew had insane skills and speed. He would be winning in any era and people watching would be sctratching their heads. No doubt about it.

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Found a old clip of Johnny Ringo.....

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Those TD motors are really good. These guys will in the hunt for some great results. Cant wait for SX to kick off.....this off season is gonna be a real drag..

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I share the same sentiments. Have been grinding and wearing myself down for minimal wage whilst the owner sits and drinks...takes extended pub lunches etc. The industries are so shot here, been looking for work for a week now and still nothing. I have ... more »

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Find a buddy who knows bikes, preferably someone who has mechanical / engine building experience and take him with you to help look and listen to how the motor runs and vibrates. Just my 2 cents. Good luck.

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Quite popular is South Africa...they use a front end loader to remove ATMs from a wall and load it into a they go. Most get caught through but they keep tying.

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#1 was Gary sir but ill do some checking on the number #8. Greg was a bit younger back then. Edit. Gary Butcher says the number 8 was Malley Wade. #58 is Robbie Smith. Greg was a few years behind this group.

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I'm on the fence with social media. I see people making millions as so called " influencers". I'm old school but have so far managed to live long enough to experience this modern area and all the crap that comes with it. Deegan has talent and resources ... more »

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Really cuts deep when we get news like this. Rest in Peace young man and our Condolences to all family and friends.

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Sure do remember Rob. Lining up against him in 1982 was intimidating but we all looked up to him. He was multi time South African Champ before moving to the UK. He is a Legend here in South Africa. Thanks for posting Robgvx. Here is a little throwback

... more »
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Another Noob....welcome. Can't answer your questions as I'm in Africa but I'm pretty sure some of the UK Vitards will chime in...

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Jade Dungey is probably building AP's bikes already. News should drop anyday now.

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Self belief! He has that ingrained and he will go on to a successful career, meaning he will make a good living whilst chasing championships. By the time he turns Pro he will be a C/contender. Wish him all the best.

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Good to see you back Tyler, hope you and the family have been well. Ben Watson is from the UK.

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You raise a valid point.

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Tried to PM you but my PM service is still shot...what's up Mods? Pm has needed a fresh top end for years now...still no worky.

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Please set a few aside for me. I have a mate in Murrieta LA who is coming across to South Africa early December and he can bring them. If you are ok with that ill pass on the name and address. It will be a honour to have Newman's name and number plate ... more »