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In Hakuba you were actually pretty close to a facility called Gaia. They had a couple of the All Japan Nationals there, and then I believe it sat empty for a while. Now it’s a bit of a practice facility that hosts some GP style races. It’s owned by a ... more »

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I work full-time with GNCC and MX Sports, with the bulk of my work revolving around the GNCC events. Myself and Ryan Echols are the ones who layout the woods sections of the courses and are the ones who will come up at the Riders Meeting and talk about ... more »

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I dual sported a 300SEF-R for a while. It’s good but you definitely can’t cruise at 65-70. In fact, I think my all-time top speed on it was only 65. I even changed gearing and it still felt like I was screaming it at 55... If you can figure out a way ... more »

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When you look at the Box Score sheets, the second column is “Start/Holeshot”, which can look like moto scores if you miss the heading. Moto finishes are in the last column.

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Lucky shot. I’ve usually got about a -4 on the style scale.

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I ride sweep at the GNCC events, so in a nutshell I ride a lot. I've never fully added this up before, but... By my calculations a typical GNCC weekend is somewhere around 135 miles. That's riding with the Youth ATV race, 50cc ATV race, 50cc Bike race, ... more »

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Inquiring minds want to know... How much wood, in pounds, do YOU think a woodchuck could possibly be able to chuck, if a woodchuck could feasibly chuck wood?

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I’m the goofy looking dude that you see run to check on him if you’re watching it on TV. He did get up under his own power and get on the Medic Mule. Not sure of a further update, but that was definitely a good sign.

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Ha! Good find on that “Eddie Patterson” screenshot. Here’s the backstory on it, which really isn’t all that exciting... I used to promote a GP race at Zoo City MX in NC and Jessica told me she was coming to race. So the track owner got in touch with ... more »

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I run similar set up with the cable lock ran through everything, but also have a disc lock that I've owned for probably 12 years and it works pretty well. However, if I'm staying in a hotel at Sumter I always find a buddy at the track to leave my bike ... more »

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I never really had any negative experiences there but I could definitely see that judging by some vibes I got, even as a teenager back then. Honestly didn’t go there much though. My dad and I rode KTMs when it wasn’t cool since we were woods riders, ... more »

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Was that Lee's Kawasaki? Technically was in Thomasville but was about a tenth of a mile from the High Point city limits? Or the old Kawasaki of Greensboro that SRS Motorsports in Greensboro bought? I actually worked at SRS for a bit back in 2009. I grew ... more »

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I had wondered the same thing but looking at the Google satellite view, its not as different as I thought. They basically took out Georgia Dome Drive that was on the south side of the dome, and re-routed a portion of MLK drive to make room for the new ... more »

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Not sure really. I don’t know the Reese’s personally, just have a few mutual friends. But, big fan of what they’ve got going on there! They definitely have some really cool stuff and hope I can make it there in person one day. I was really close to there ... more »

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It actually comes from Moto Armory in Illinois. The owner, Tom Reese, also owns Springfield Armory and is actually selling off quite a few bikes but I was told he’s only selling what he has multiples of! Thats pretty impressive when you see what all ... more »

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In late 2016 there was a early 90s US ISDE Team Arai MX-E (Enduro version of the old MX Pro) on eBay. Showed my fiancé and knowing my ISDE and Arai obsession she was happy I found it. Got in a bidding war at the end of the eBay auction but still scored

... more »
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Most likely it says “Pro Racing”

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Some dealers that get a Demo Event may do it that way depending on their logistics but most of those demos are open invite. If it’s held in conjunction with another event (such as a race or a big ride day), it is a “show up free for all” as long as you ... more »