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Like others have said, Jason is a great guy and the bars are awesome. I have a set on my personal Husaberg FE390 and have been planning to get a set for my GNCC sweep bike (21 300XC-W) as well. I had grown accustomed to the stock KTM bars, and went with ... more »

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It’s a photo of me not looking as slow as I actually am... Backstory is it’s a shot from the GNCC at High Point this past year. Sweeping the track like I usually do I came up on this corner and my buddy Aaron Monroe of Industrial Imaging was ... more »
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Same one Davey posted but I snagged this photo about 5 minutes after it showed up at the office. Seriously trick machines and they’ve been selling them like crazy. I know I saw 3 at the last GNCC and they had only been out a few days at that point!

... more »
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Best advice is to get a room in one of the lodges that have indoor garage parking. Rimfire and The Seneca both have garages that you can only get in with a hotel key. It's all very safe, and if you're worried at all a disc lock, or lock and chain is ... more »

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That's the best filter oil on the market if you ask me!

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Carolina KTM in Mooresville and Fun Cycles in Valdese are two really great KTM dealers. They’re more so involved on the off-road side but both do have a lot of focus on the dirt bike side of things. Carolina KTM only sells KTM, and they actually do a ... more »

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Thanks for throwing in the good photo of me trying to help Sexton and not one where I was also stuck!

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That’s actually last year’s map. The 2020 version won’t be up until tomorrow. I’m GPSing the course now... Does still have some big field sections but we’ve actually added more woods this year, and slowed down the woods sections a bit as well.

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I personally thought it turned out awesome. I was running sweep laps on the woods loop and it also got really good after everyone started turning laps. When I checked the course first thing in the morning, it was slick but the conditions on my final ... more »

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Stu will more than likely NOT be racing anytime soon. Unfortunately he hasn’t been able to put anything together yet. They called him up on The Bottleneck Live, which is hosted by GNCC co-announcer, Mikey Waynes, along with his buddy DQ and Stu himself ... more »

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You're correct, but in the USA the only current KTM EXCs are the dual sport models. The KTMs switched from MXC/EXC to XC/XC-W in 2006. The US version are the XC-Ws, which do have the XPLOR forks. The US Husqvarna TE models also have the XPLOR fork. So ... more »

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I’ve got a pretty basic setup here since I don’t do very much mechanical work at home (or, well, at all to be honest) but my OCD is real.

... more »
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In Hakuba you were actually pretty close to a facility called Gaia. They had a couple of the All Japan Nationals there, and then I believe it sat empty for a while. Now it’s a bit of a practice facility that hosts some GP style races. It’s owned by a ... more »

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I work full-time with GNCC and MX Sports, with the bulk of my work revolving around the GNCC events. Myself and Ryan Echols are the ones who layout the woods sections of the courses and are the ones who will come up at the Riders Meeting and talk about ... more »

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I dual sported a 300SEF-R for a while. It’s good but you definitely can’t cruise at 65-70. In fact, I think my all-time top speed on it was only 65. I even changed gearing and it still felt like I was screaming it at 55... If you can figure out a way ... more »

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When you look at the Box Score sheets, the second column is “Start/Holeshot”, which can look like moto scores if you miss the heading. Moto finishes are in the last column.

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Lucky shot. I’ve usually got about a -4 on the style scale.

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2019 KTM 300 XC-W TPI GNCC Sweep Bike