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Boothz 1/20/2019 11:35 PM

All I can say bobbym was the fastest man in the 70’s saw it first hand”still my hero

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slipdog 4/4/2015 5:47 PM

DUMMY??? Well I do ride dirt bikes ferchristsake... Yes I know Bob, I was a Team Green rider out of Dublin Kawasaki when He was in charge of the race program and I remember Mike as well. I grew up in Fair Oaks, a suburb of Sacramento

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slipdog 4/4/2015 10:48 AM

Hey, Brian Roth is my real name. I grew up racing minis in the '80's with Lammy, Tallon and Spud Walters. I'm 42 now and probably watched you from the fence line at Sandhill or Huron etc.. as a kid if you were still racing in the early '80's

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darylbelz 1/8/2015 7:45 AM

hey dumbass, i did check ebay, but i would be more than happy at my own expense to come where ever you are and stick your head right up your ass!

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rcarrico 3/2/2014 1:10 AM

Bobby, I was talking to Berluti last weekend at AtlantaSX and he said he hasn't seen you at the races in a while, whatcha been up to?

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mx691 2/6/2013 9:48 AM

Hi there my friend! It´s Nicke / Sweden. Long time...

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Jt$ 12/26/2012 2:31 PM

Agree that most of the opinions on here are insanely off base, but when it comes to Friese, the overwhelming opinion is fairly accurate. This guy is a hazard and hated by everyone in the pits. He would easily win the most hated rider by his peers.

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Moto331 5/12/2012 3:21 PM

ya know, I always thought you were a cock sucker on this site. Every fucking post you make, has some type of smart ass fuckin attitude. Who do you think you are? I dont give a single shit if you believe me or not.Not one single shit. Go there yourself and find out asshole. I believe the guy above you confirmed it. Dick

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Greg Primm 12/4/2011 9:59 AM

Back at ya man, your one of the few that supported the collection form day 1. Yo r a man of your word Bobby! I did keep somethings. There all boxed up in a new location near area 51.
All the bikes from Greg's Garage as well. 22 of them. As far as the jersey goes I'd say it's there. But that was a very tuff week. 10 semis I told Rick the stuff I wanted to keep. To be honest I left town with the family cause it was so hard to see it all go. I have a plan to one day open the MotoBrew bar and Grill here in LV or maybe Cali. All the stuff I kept and more will go there on display. Your on the invited list......So let pray the economy turns around!

All my best Bobby!

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JoeSawler 10/4/2011 6:10 AM

Hello Bobby I was wondering if I may use one of your images as a background for my site
I You will be given full credit for the photo I look forward to hearing from you you can contact me threw email if you like

Thank you

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Mod Killer 7/12/2011 8:08 PM

hey bobby, whats your email or phone number? need to get ahold of ya. kinda urgent.

you can email me at

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MT MX 6/11/2011 4:13 PM

I've been on the board for quite awhile(lurker more than poster), but I can't figure out who you quite are. I know you are a former racer. It's killing me, I apologize for my 'dumbness'. Regardless, I appreciate you kicking the shit out of people who have no clue about a motorcycle.

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toolie 5/25/2011 6:08 PM

Hey Bobby shot me an Email when you can

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offroadtoday 3/30/2011 7:59 PM

I will get him into a corner sooner or later.

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JPT 3/18/2011 5:09 AM

Thanks, I walked up to him and said "the first time I saw you, you were riding a CZ at Elkhorn Wisc". He grinned and said "that'd have been 1971". Very cool guy.

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MX-Files 2/9/2011 5:15 PM


Hi there! Scott Stewart thinks you might have real video tape of 1986 Anaheim SX TV program.

Possible? Call me at 714.305.4945 and/or email at



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TeamGreen 1/31/2011 11:53 AM

All this time I thought you were still in Nor-CAl...when u said u weren't makin' ot to OAK I was thinkin'...WTF?

Then Jimmy Moe told me u live in AZ?

C U at A-2?

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mx295 8/7/2010 10:15 AM

What's up buddy.. How ya doin?

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Camp332 6/14/2008 8:31 PM

On the sauce Sundays with Bobby M. What is the drink of choice tomorrow, while you listen to the race?

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pushpulldragitin 4/11/2008 2:54 PM

Bobby I know you are the film guru when it comes to SX. My wife needs to know the name of the song that played right before the 2008 Anaheim1 450 main event.I have tried to youtube and go SX website and listen to it, but have struck out. She is involved with coaching a highschool dance team(god help her) and loved that song that played on SpeedTV that evening. I have struck out and could use your expertise.

Thanks a million,

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