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He pointed out of 250s in MXGP so he came here to torpedo the young talent. Hope craig yeets him

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How much adderall did you eat?

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I know, I wouldn't either, especially as a player myself. It was more of a golf is hard!

Added reply in a thread What's the deal with Ping and Vital? 12/27/2019 5:15 AM

I have been tied up with school but I have something in the works, mostly just for learning (Im a CIS major) and messing around with phpbb and having something else in the portfolio, something with a PM BOX

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Shoutout to Charlotte! There is a reason so many people that come here for work never leave. I don't plan on ever leaving. Also it's more like 2 hours to the mountains and 3 to 3.5 to the beach, but still it's so great. Also tons of sick MTB trails around ... more »

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I play golf so it would have to be a course I had permission to ride on because it is going to be redone or something....couldn't risk sneaking onto one and pissing off the golf gods, because I need all the help I can get lmao.

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Coop will win the title again

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Start an actual petition

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Its cause he was going flatbill #golfboysmane. I have heard rickie was actually pretty good and also raced bmx, but had a foot injury at 14 and decided to pursue golf. he is probably just a rickie/golf fan. Jimmy d, jordan bailey, jordan smith and im ... more »

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Did i hear him say he is living and training with cooper webb? Does that mean he is at the baker factory?

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I dont know about that, if you look at the first interview they did with him he was all smiles and genuinely looked like he was having fun being there.

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Those are sick! Also, If a jersey doesn't have an AMA patch, is it a replica?

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Its a no brainer that its only a matter of time for CBD, its just that none of the networks want to go first and be the guinea pig. Once one gives it the ok and nothing happens, they all will.

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since we are on the subject, does anyone have a video or know what interview the “frenchie dont want none” comment is from?

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Lots of quality issues with them lately. The Epiphones are actually nicer at this point. Did they ever finally file bankruptcy? I know they pretty much let most of their artists go a while back. Sucks to see such an iconic brand struggle, so much history ... more »

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nice collection! Also since you seem to know your jerseys I have an off topic question. I know the way to recognize a reproduction over a “real” jersey is that the patches and stuff will be different, but have you ever encountered one that is claimed ... more »

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I think graphics will cover it and it wont matter. What I dont like is the split in the side number plates. Maybe that is why they made the bottom half grey, to make the split less obvious.

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Im a simple man, I like big jumps. This was cool.

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You should call Randy Richardson