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Beat me too it !!!

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I have run one (many different models and bikes) for the last 10 years. The later models if set up correctly are just about fool proof. I still use my clutch all the time but during a 2-3 hour off-road race it saves my ass. For the track it can be help ... more »

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Yes, thank you to Zach, Jason and Justin. Appreciate your effort and selflessness in making it a long season to represent our country !!!! You may feel like you let us down after today and all 3 of you expect more from yourselves but you are all heroes ... more »

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This is the only "Data" that has been compiled on neck braces over a 10 year period and neck braces have changed over that 10 year period. It is not conclusive and not meant to be. It is just more information than anybody has had available to them. As ... more »

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As some one mentioned previously if you have a good relationship with your dealer with a good service manager then be polite and see if they will go to bat for you with Yamaha. If you don't have a relationship go direct. Always be polite and respectful ... more »

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So because they have not achieved the ultimate success they should leave our sport ??? I believe that is a little short sighted since they have been around the longest of any non-factory teams besides Pro-Circuit and have employed many a rider who otherwise ... more »

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Doo, you are everything that is wrong in this sport !!!!! "JGR needs to go " your are an effing idiot

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Life is too short to care what anybody here or anywhere else thinks. GO FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I assume most people on this thread do not know what the actual facts/friction is all about to begin with. I only know what I have read about Bud Feldkamp and Glen Helen. I will assume that there is much more to the story that people in the know could ... more »

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Not the way any real racer wants to win but just the fact that we call them a "team" and "teammates"" should not surprise any one. Again not condoning nor agreeing but there is money at stake and they took the low road

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That's why I moved to off-road races only. 1-1/2 to 2-1/2 hour races and I get my monies worth. a lot of the races are held at tracks and surrounding area so you still get some track time. WORCS series is packing them in these days

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It's laughable this is even a conversation !!!

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Only makes sense that a company that specializes in safety equipment comes out with boots. All of there products are top shelf.

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Everyone had to race the same track. Some did it better than others. They will all say same the same thing before every race at every track, Its all about the start !!! Looks to me like Reed did make a mistake but was not going to let Eli pass him anyway. ... more »

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These 2 are more alike then they are different. What I saw on my TV was Bowers going for the kill !!! No intentions of stopping or turning. Neither one of these guys are angels and believe me there has been many a time as a fan I wanted punch Barcia's ... more »

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Block pass by AC, cleanout by RJ

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When the LEATTs first came out I tried to wear one but could not come to terms with it and felt they were overall more dangerous as I did not have enough mobility to move my head around to safely see things I needed to see. As all the braces evolved ... more »

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i am sure I went through the same situation as many here on Vital. After playing football. basketball and racing bikes from age 8 with many injuries along the way I found myself in unbearable pain at age 46 with my left hip. I suffered through a couple ... more »

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I would disagree that Tomac just "hung out" behind Kenny for 25 minutes out of respect because no one was behind him. That even sounds rediculous after saying it !!! No racer is going hang out behind anybody if they are so much faster they can pass someone ... more »

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I like Tomac as a rider. he is just the right kind of fast. He pushes every lap and goes balls out when he is trying to play catch up from a bad start and takes chances when he has to. I can respect that, The problem I have with the Musquin pass on Tomac ... more »