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Probably mentioned above (sorry didn't read thread), Vet riders got the money, blinging bikes, rigs etc... Promoters like making more money, the vets are padding for the pocket! Nothing wrong with either.

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There are better venues but nothing compares to A1. So much energy.

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JC53 KX250
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Fasthouse is really great looking / fitting and durable. My kid ruins everything, but FH seems to hold up well.

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Doug rented out his Norco location and moved to another more suitable (size) location in Signal Hill. I don't think he's actually up and running yet. In my experience he has always been a great communicator, maybe he's just focused on getting his shop ... more »

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There isn't any cure for that. My son tested every mini bike for years at DirtRider, there isn't any weird feeling from any of the Asym tank designs. Yamaha is a great bike, we raced them in '18, what everyone here will tell you IS true on THIS matter.... ... more »

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Ricky Ryan’s boy Jeremy siting 20th in time practice, his first pro national!

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We raced them both, had 4 KX then 2 YZ. There are positives to both, neither however come close to a KTM / Husk. Your kid can make up the difference most of the time but it makes it tough for sure. As a mechanic I liked working on the Yamaha much better, ... more »

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all new F250 e/start new swingarm body work etc... there's one stamped.

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I agree with Timo, I think best money spent on a 250 is a custom mapped ignition (Vortex) by someone great (Dean at R&D). Like Timo said, fresh tires!

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I didn't think we needed another British voice on the show but... now that Ralph is back I'm begging for the Limey. Ralph is a great guy and really likable on Pulp interviews but man the announcing is not good. He is always speaking to the lowest common ... more »

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DV said on pulp that they were taller but the mounts were much lower, making the total setup lower.

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The Limey said "Barsh-r" lol

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Cool guy for sure, but NO way will he get the W in any moto.

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Got an email from Decor this morning welcoming Adam as #9. They beat him to it looks like. The 9 is rad, good for him!

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Use Dean at R&D racing for the motor, he worked tirelessly with Doug Dubach and his son Carter to perfect it. I have a mod 85 done by him and it's super strong, pulls up Glen Helen hills very well.

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The best thing ever.

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Excuses.. WTF, we won that race, RV’s a damn hero!

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Carnan Naran is the guy, he’s a super good rider and a rad person... what was he thinking?

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Congratulations, I got a tuned PW50 for sale.. HMU!