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I have a Vortex ecu and R&D Genius throttle body I would let go for $700. The ecu is mapped for the throttle body, Yosh exhaust and twin air power flow kit. Works pretty well Byron

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That can’t be James’ offspring, he has two fingers on the clutch!

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Run heat races to get into the 2 mains. Both mains score points. It could be Super Motocross or double Crown Royal and Coke!

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Rollerball and Cooperalls - GOAT of MX and hockey! LOL. Remember watching him in Thunder Bay racing6 motos. He rode stiff, but was super fast. Loved watching him dog Jim Hollywood Holley at the area cross series as well. Doug Hoover was good, but just ... more »

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Chase is jacked! Impressive, not skinny build, but some actual bulk. Should be racing MXGP’s with the Potato eaters (non jockeys) that race European.

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1978 cr250r. Bought it from my brother in 1982 or 1983 (whenever Andre Malherbe wore that awful jersey I have on in the pic). Not the greatest beginner bike.
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But not a real fur coat, that’s cruel. As for Kraft dinner, we would just eat more. Kraft dinner, a Canadian staple!

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And that is what makes MX so much greater than SX. MX gives the best riders (talent and fitness), whether they get the hole shot or not, a chance to shine. Look at DF14, do you think he gets back to 3rd after falling off the start in SX? Only, rider ... more »

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Can can already watch 17 rounds of 5 minute qualifiers and 20 minute mains on a 45 sec track, why would you want more of that? What makes Mx great is what differentiates it from SX. MX is a combination of speed and stamina.

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But his back injury and last weekends crash were during Mx. what would be the benefit of Mx only? Less money, less opportunities/ As for what JM6 had to gain by pushing would be to pass Jett and help his teammate win a championship. Given how Cooper ... more »

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I didn’t enjoy Emig when he was announcing Supercross with Ralph. However, I noticed when he started doing guest spots with Paul Malin at the MXGP’s that he is a good color commentator when he was tied to a good play by play announcer. I don’t know many ... more »

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Either Godsmacks Bulletproof from when legends rise or “What if “ from The Oracle. The change is beat of What if and the rise and fall of the song can either get me pumped or give me the worst panic attack. The songs have all the thoughts and symptoms ... more »

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But where do you get one? It has been out of stock for 2 years and no one responds to questions on their website.

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Is that where Andy White ended up. I remember him from the Pink Palace and working with KTM up in Canada. When you said “hooked him up with one of the FXR guys’ I thought you were talking about Milt Reimer. Good mixer, good snowcrosser and a great guy. ... more »

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What type of device are you trying to watch through? Also, don’t use the app as it can determine your location and block you. Best way is vpn and then watch through your web browser. Also, Apple products seem to have “nanny state” software that makes ... more »

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I wear Aria as well. Problem I have is that my googles pinch my nose shut when wearing the Aria vs a Bell helmets.

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I agree Paul Malin is great! He has great conversations with himself in the booth. Guy knows his stuff and is not a homer

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Check out Starlink. Should be available at your latitude and it is quick.

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Up top, Feld needs to let the riders market themselves. In all the ball and stick sports everyone has a replica jersey to support their team. My kids would love to get an AC Jersey, or a Roczen. Fox could sell limited edition collections that are only ... more »