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I DJ 30 - 40 weddings a year and I am usually the cheapest thing at the event. Venues make a killing, photo/video people usually start at $1500 and go up, food usually starts at $1000 for a small wedding, flowers make nice money too. I watch parents ... more »

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Delta Comfort. Less than $100 most of the time and well worth it. Priority boarding and more leg room. I'm 6'3" and it is very comfortable for long flights.

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One of my riding buddies and I bought the Suite Package for MXGP. Reed, Brayton, and Josh Hill stopped by. Neat talking race with them while watching it.

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Harrison was sick from what I've read.

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$8400 OTD here in Alabama. $1300 cheaper than a 16' KTM 450SXF.

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I have a 29er full suspension and my friend just bought a 27.5 full suspension. I have gotten a chance to ride it a couple times and it's different. Quicker turning in tight stuff. Front end is raked out a little further. Climbs a littler easier than ... more »

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Finally got a chance to ride today. Sandy, thick track here locally. Definitely could tell a difference once it got rough and choppy going into the corners. Forks soaked it up well. Had to adjust the rebound on the forks and slow it down just a little. ... more »

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Unfortunately no. Mother Nature has not been in favor of riding since I put everything back together. It's actually snowing here right now.

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Just received my suspension back from Factory Connection and put it all back on the bike this morning. Interested to see the difference from stock. I'm 6'3", 220lbs. Below are the settings they sent me.

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Just bought a new iPad and downloaded MS2 to play. I was very far along on my old iPad but when I open the app on my new iPad I am back at level1. Anyone figured out how to transfer their profile and not lose all the progress?

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Nasty get off at 2:07.

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If you don't plan to drive it more than 12K - 15K a year, a lease can save you $100+ a month on payments. We lease the wife's vehicle because she likes something new every three years and only drives 1.5 miles round trip to work. No buying tires, worrying ... more »

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Shane hit Hanny after he clipped a tough block and that caused him to hit Hanny. Hanny basically parked Shane. Hanny and Reed are in the same situation. Both are past their prime, mid-pack riders now, and can't wrap their brains around not being front ... more »

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RV was spot on with Barcia having problems with JGR power.

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Is it me or does FOX 1 turn up the volume on commercials?

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Had an 06', 11', and now have a 15'. Pull an 18' enclosed trailer almost every weekend. Only issues I have had was the 11'. It was the first year with the EPA diesel exhaust fluid system and it messed up several times. Always repaired under warranty ... more »

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... more »
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I DJ weddings almost every weekend and 90% are at outdoor facilities; barns, covered pavilions, rough wood chapels, etc. Six separate facilities in a 20 mile radius and all making from $1500 - $5000 each weekend. Big business if you have the property ... more »