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Do Yz's come from the factory with an hour meter or was it added? The bike may have way more hours than that.

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Amazing bike control! I doubt if he used up more than one turn worth of clutch.

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Why not allow volunteers flag for a discount on track time? Also Mike is right to say flaggers should not be on their phones while people are riding.

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For anyone trying to blow out their own pipes using nitrogen pressure instead of air is much safer when using a torch to heat the damaged spots - prevents the pipe from turning into a bomb.

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That is a fresh top end for sure. No blow by past the rings and nice horizontal machining marks on the skirt. I've done top ends on those bikes way past 60 hrs. and they still looked good. Air filter maintenance is the key.

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It's not that easy these days to just hire someone when people are sitting around getting "free $" from the government. It's sad but around here businesses are struggling and some even closing due to lack of workers.

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And wouldn't allow Pastrana to ride the test track at the same time as him.

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I've had great luck with DID.

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I would recommend getting a shop manual and also use online microfiche for every step of the way, that way you can be sure all of the parts are there and and assembled in the proper sequence.

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It sounds like the rebound clicker may have gotten adjusted all the way in too tight, possibly at assembly, jamming the rod into the rebound hole and not letting the rod back out. If this is the case the rebound will be slow and the shock needs to be ... more »

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I'd keep a finger on the clutch if i were you. You may be able to have a dealer plug it in and check for codes/ run diagnostics.

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Not going to happen.

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I love my Radius CX, like said above call Rekluse, they actually answer the phone and have great customer service.

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That looks like the kind of bike you would give someone for free to get it out of your garage. You'll easily have $2000-$3000 into it by the time your done. you could get a pretty nice one much newer for $2500 - $3000.

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$3000 for plastics, seat cover and some grips?

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Have your friends help you pick rocks each time you rip the track, also like others have said- more water. Mud should be sticking to your fenders for the first moto. The dirt should be wet enough that it's hard to walk through.

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Backwards kick starter.

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No way tie downs did that! What's the front of the truck look like?

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Troll account.

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I put a Motoseat cover on mine. High quality and custom colors available. Putting on a seat cover isn't the easiest thing to do though. Try looking on youtube for a how to vid or just pay a shop to do it.