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1.The homologation rule sucks. Bikes should be subject to tech inspection, and if they pass then that should be all that is required. Smaller, boutique brands like TM should be allowed to compete. 2. Roczen is the greatest to ever swing a leg over these ... more »

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no idea who makes the most $$ but to be able to watch the insane racing we got this year from my couch (I used NBC sports gold so no ad issues) with a couple of beers on one side side and a mountain of Doritos on the other side of me - made my Saturdays ... more »

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FatCat Moto-Parc has been booked out for a couple of months for exclusive use by Triumph according to someone I spoke to who may or may not work at Triumph. So lets wait and see what happens before posting white and black Honda bikes

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Damn Jorge, welcome to vital bro!

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I think they pay those dudes pretty well so as long as the $ amount is right I don’t see them wanting to change.

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There is very little “chemistry” there if you will 🤣 and it seems like Weege is trying his best to work with the random shit Fro keeps going on about to create a more coherent broadcast because Emig can turn a 5 word bulletpoint into a 2min Segway into ... more »

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I don’t have “skin in the game” but you lot getting offended by people being upset about the way this is being handled confuse me. People have paid money and have received nothing in return. How do you think they are in the wrong for being upset and ... more »

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🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣. So glad this forum is free. You need to tip your “chemist” for whatever he sold you before you typed out that rubbish.

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Interested to see how the nut huggers try paint ML as the victim in this scenario too.

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Maybe I’ll type some smartass comment on an mx forum somewhere that ain’t relevant to the topic 🤷‍♂️

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He was actually 3rd but I was referring to the situation pre DaYtona-MCA crashes. He stayed in it and it was his first real exposure to Ch/Ship pressure - He should handle it better this time round but I'll leave that up to MItch. The only 100% deserved ... more »

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Forkner had a gnarly injury and his talent wont disappear - deserves a last chance. IMO Forkner and Sushi need to be there for sure McAdoo nearly won them an SX title so you cant write him off - I have no real exposure to their amateur guys so wont bother ... more »

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This is another Varner situation - just pursue the chargeback with your card issuer and forget about the mounts bro. Order from elsewhere if you can - if a guy is telling you to nag him continuously or he wont help sort your problem (from their f*** ... more »

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Test ride both if you can and then buy the TM 👍

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Man I’m late to this but I think this is epic. Brent you are a legend man. You are helping someone purely to give them a chance at their dream. Kid looks like he has the speed and I’m keen to see how he does - all the best bros, I will be rooting for ... more »

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As a Roczen fan the answer is still no - there is a mathematical chance that many people could win given a freak set of circumstances but Dylan has been too consistently good this year - plain and simple. Ferrandis can ride at 80% on most tracks and ... more »

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Great show - and good to hear some unfiltered opinions on a few interesting topics. Well worth every minute - their dad is a legend too.

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obviously James Stewart and Jason Lawrence.

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Gonna bet with my heart and tell you that Roczen will get the better of DF14 straight up in 1 of the moto's this weekend.

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Its always so hard on a forum to tell an industry insider from a fan/total noob. (not withstanding the usual names which seem to have insider info) I guess we'll just have to wait and see....