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So after reading Mav’s advice above about NBC Gold I still have no stream ? Is this normal? I’m based in UK so hope this isn’t a problem...

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So long as they don't call it now Roczen will take this title - everyone just chill.

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Yup - que the shared videos of convulsing patients from some obscure horror movie we have never seen being used in a Covid-19 "article"

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WHO just declared it officially as Pandemic - does this change things?? I know there are insurance implications when something is declared as a Pandemic officially, will be interesting to see what happens.

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The spots for good rides are getting less and less - them leaving will only be negative for the sport unless another team with their financial base and experience can suddenly crop up out of nowhere. "...forgotten and not missed at all."????? C'mon man, ... more »

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I thought this dude was gonna be out on his ass with no team if things didn't change - glad they did man he was ripping.

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I'm quite confident RC is lurking this message board and they're just fucking with us all because of that Set Sail line he pulls out each weekend

. Ralph has been in the commentating game forever so I think his resume appeals to Feld or whoever ... more »
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People are encouraging him to punt Tomac into next week on his latest Instagram post, I have a weird feeling Tomac is a better takeout artist than most know. We from the Kroc delegation encourage this

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Paradigm/Barnett sounds like Better Call Saul after he takes DMT, watches Terrafirma 4 then downs a bottle of 2 stroke. Thanks for the laughs.

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Even for Vital this is REACHING pal.

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lmao they literally went for red plastic KTM. Not even a slight deviation in the plastics shape/design, they could have had a different front fender ffs

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I'm hoping someone spills the truth on here and I get to see it before it disappears

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Chad Reed's flyer at Milville (and him getting back on the bike) was the only crash that turned me from someone that never rooted for him to an instant fan. Coop's little front flip was gnarly as fuck but that's not gonna make me forget him riding like ... more »

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Unadilla results from last year outdoors should comfortably put any talk about his comfort in ruts on a Honda to bed. I think the track was just tough to pass and required some bulldogging ala Tomac - More likely he wants to stay off the ground and away ... more »

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used to happen to me a shit load doing enduros but never on an MX track - granted, I wasn't dragging bar through ruts.

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Roczen rebound incoming - besides, the pass Kroc put on Coop last year at High Point in Moto 2 will be impossible to ever top, no taunting or block passing just skill level on another planet. Kenny is mentally in a better place than last year too. Sincerely ... more »

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so if you don't intend to knock a guy down in a pass attempt but ending up doing so you get probation and if you intend on slamming him down and are successful then it's all good - got it *writes down on note pad*

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Neewat tjom ek dink jy moet ma v8's op Kyalami gaan kyk... Ferrandis is showing hunger/determination and grit! The fans are just victims of whatever that psychological phenomenon is when they are happy to boo him in a crowd but I guarantee you if they ... more »

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they constantly post clickbait titles. Trying to sensationalize everything. They used to be great- they are not great anymore. there are enough threads on here about how shit they've become - do you see that as consistently about other publications?? ... more »