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Cocky jmart?? If you don't believe you can win the championship you are not going to win it.

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Roczen fades. Barcia indeed does go on a streak but he doesn't get a haircut and even the beard returns. Coop lands up mentally dominating the dog house man and gets great starts all season. With the recent news of expecting his 2nd kid, Tomac continues ... more »

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Depends how awesome your wife is. We have 5 kids ages 7 and under (thanks, failed vasectomy😅) so I obviously don't ride anymore but I get out and surf at least one full day every 2 weeks. My wife knows how cranky I get if I don't. I have a kickass wife. ... more »

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Hopefully. It might be what it takes for Tomac to put the wetwipes down and take his shirt off.

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Is there a rule that the front wheel needs to be blocked if you want to do a burnout after a race? Just wondering

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Stand on the balls of your feet with your toes tilted inwards, remove your seat and practice looking ahead, not at your front fender

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Scrap the 450 class for supercross, make the 250 class the premier and a 125 true supported feeder class. Use the winnings from the current 250 class to fund the feeder class with lower race fees and assisted travel, could also up the prize money for ... more »

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It shows that there was, without a doubt, some major issues with the factory yamaha team. Just look how much better their ex riders are doing now, even riders that are still on a yamaha, just under star are doing much better. You can speculate and deny ... more »

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What if there is biblical amounts of snow? Who is the most comfortable on a snowmobike?

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I understand the teams frustrations and they are mostly right. The problem is no one wants to get hit with the shit storm that comes with benching a championship contender from a high profile team and I don't blame them, I wouldnt want to be anywhere ... more »

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I'm gonna go ahead and blame it all on the Mr. Esquire.

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He just needs to tune down his banjo a luuuuuuuuuttle bit and he should be good.

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Make supercross great again!

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Imho Gas Gas is the only company to nail it in the looks department over the last 15 years. They just need to fix those side covers 😅

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Aw yeah na yeah bro

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I know I'm asking a lot here but I wish she could find a different way to say "he said", or to not say it at all.

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You win for sure 😅

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There is enough evidence now to show there were major problems with the team/program/bike. Maybe now with the star takeover, but that's assuming he would still be interested in riding a blue bike at this point.

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Unpopular opinion here and I'm definately not a Roczen fan, but I dont think his interview was all that bad, a little emotional sure but it was just a bit of fighting talk. Not everyone has the composure of dungey when the cameras on them which is a ... more »

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If he's sniffing podiums all season long then he will be hungry and on such a high. He would not want to lose that mojo, not in this field. It would be silly of him not too.