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Prado is certainly heading the right direction. And his starts, damn! It’s hard to say how Herlings recent injury will effect him mentally, as this was likely the scariest he has had. I have a feeling Prado will be needing a lot of room in his trophy ... more »

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Any word on him today? Moto 2 looked a little bloody for him at the end, must have hit the bars or maybe a rock? He worked his way up from a sh*t start, needed a goggle stop, then said incident sent him backward a bit.

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If you add AC9 wins/ titles along with AC222 wins/ titles, only then do you even get close to The Goat. No disrespect to either AC!

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Wishing you the best AJ! The Series needs you, please be well 🙏

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I was thinking that soft bank played a role in lessening the landing too. Sooooo glad to see him up and about, was picturing a Henry-like Budds recovery.

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Darn glad to see him up and smiling. Those types of crashes can be life changing.

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I would say it is on track to come his way, yes.

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I have always TRIED to keep track in my mind. Usually on downshifting,... I find I’m one or two out lol. But yeah, I still try.

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Tomac gets the SX Title IF The Bucks take the O’ Brien Trophy The Bruins claim the Stanley Cup Harvick takes the Piston Cup 😜 Pretty tough calls at this point.

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Sorry, I can’t agree with this. I find the MXGP to be stellar all around! Right from the Intro (usually involving a bit of the Host Country’s history) to the camera angles, rough, scenic tracks and with Paul Malins commentating. Combine that with GREAT ... more »

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How is being inspired by JS any different than being inspired by KB or LbJ or MJ? Darn it, I’m 50 this year and JS STILL inspires me to this day, and I have no problem with that ;-) Dude had talent drippping from all angles! As a “white dude”, I can ... more »

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Malin kicks ass, knows his stuff and is great to listen to! Absolutely enjoy his commentary 100%

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Looks fantastic Budz, love your attention to details!

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Rollerball was one solid Dude. Barnett too. They would be on my short list for sure!

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Tomac FMAWYWAD Fastest Man at Washougal Yesterday, Without A Doubt ;-) I doubt Coldenhoff would have had anything for him (@ Washougal) yesterday. Or Seewer. Or Gasjer. Or Febvre. Who knows though? What if we could have zipped Eli to Loket , Czk for ... more »

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I would say yes. Until next Sept, then (usually) someone else rises to the occasion. Coldenhoff handed everyone a beating last fall. That day he WAS the FMOTP. To be called the FMOTP, all Tomac has to do is BEAT the best on the Planet. That hasn’t happened ... more »

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Agreed. I watch the start, if Prado get the Holeshot, I jump straight the the MXGP class. Prado is wicked good, props to him! It just makes for a boring Season of MX2 :-(

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I had a 98 CR250. Loved it, and was surprised to read years later about how hated it was.

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Very interesting. There is NO Company that is more effected by sound than HD, imo. Extremely bold move by them! Looking to the future, with the risk of alienating their core. Time will tell!

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So stoked for Kenny :-) Never doubted his heart, drive or talent... But darn, those massive arm injuries had me doubting ? Keep it up KR, you make the Series that much more interesting!