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RIP Steve!!

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2013 new bike is on already on order !! 250 SX KTM

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I want to thank GuyB and everybody at Vital MX.. I will be using the Allsport wrist brace every time I ride.. Happy new year !!

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I am so stoked I won a brace,,Thanks GuyB...

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So her is my story on August 25th 2010, At Pala raceway. I was on the vet track. On my 3 week old 2011 KTM 250 SX 2 stoker.. I came around a turn with a jump right after the turn, I noticed as I came around a fellow rider was down and was sprawled out on the top of the jump.. I pulled off the track to assist him in way I could.. He was unconscious and in a very bad spot on the top of the backside of the jump.. I checked him out and realized he needed medical help right away.. I got the flaggers attention, and together got him of the track to safety.. I asked the flagger to stop traffic, because I was going to get back on the track after they removed the injured rider.. One guy decided that he was not going to obey the flagger and jumped the jump as I was getting back on the track.. He landed on top of me and the next thing I know, I was in the hospital for 3 weeks in the trauma unit, With a broken back in 5 spots, a completely shattered left wrist , broken elbow and pelves fractures in several spots.. After 15 months 2 surgery's on my wrist. I am riding my Ktm again.. I would love to have one of your wrist braces fro my Left wrist.. I researched your website, but due to all to all my medical bill s.. I could not afford one.. If you saw fit to say sponsor me with one.. I would be very appreciative.. I would use every time I ride..
Thank you Bill Justice

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