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Quit putting your hand out and just be happy they are standing for the national anthem. It’s a low bar nowadays.

Added reply in a thread I hope Honda chills out 2/10/2018 2:50 PM

Pure gold!

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ET didn’t sound like he was whining about it. He said he got “taken out”. Fair enough. Yes, he was taken out because he had very poor situational awareness at that moment and left the door open for Barcia to make a very legitimate pass. Rubin is racin ... more »

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Great post. But how is this even a debate on a MX forum ? Anyone who disputes that has is probably some little kid who has never raced a AMA race.

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I don't blame him at all. Racing bikes is no fun, if that level of pressure on the shoulders of a young kid. The father bet the entire family on RV. That is total BS. Child abuse.

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Exactly correct! Barcia did not do anything dirty at all. ET was way off tonight. Hope he is ok.

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I wish they would effing STOP cutting away from bar to bar racing for whatever! At least leave a camera on leaders and put in a separate PIP.

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Agree! Marvin hit Anderson, not the other way around. Anderson simply took the line. Marvin should have checked up and cut inside, like Barcia and Seely did a half dozen times during that race. It's just basic Pro SX racing 101.

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Stop with the asterisk bullshit. ET fans sounded stupid last year. Lets not start up again. The winner is the one with the most points. That is how it works for outdoors MX, the triple crown SX, and the season championship. Often the fastest has the ... more »

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I have great respect for TLD. Loved much of their original helmet painting in the 80's, I use a lot of their protective gear today, and love the fact they put all the work in on a 250 team.... But the Emperor has no cloths. Or the cloths are just awful. ... more »

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I think having the fastest guys racing each other is always a good thing. So hands up. The down time between motos seemed excessive. Not sure if it was more than usual or if it just seemed that way ?? Not sure if it was needed for commercials or track ... more »

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I would make each moto 2-4 laps longer. Maybe could yield less commercials and/or fill in? Still would only be a fraction of the race time as outdoors.

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Agree. Bunch of whining bitches. Probably complain if you were hung with a new rope. Go back to PlayStation.

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He is doing his job to build a dramatic landscape behind and during the race. That said ET chances are thin, BUT it's a long season and it's very possible top points guys get a couple DNFs .( crash or mechanical). I am not counting ET out at all. Too ... more »

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Obviously he wasn't feeling it all race day. Happens to everyone! He did the smart thing, and did not push it and crash out. Guy is a massive talent, and it's a long season, he will be fine.

Liked a bike check 89 CR144 1/19/2018 7:16 PM
89 CR144
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Basically 3 main events per class is awesome!

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Chads 2015 KX with the ME logo is pure gold !

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You are outlining more of a net margin scenario (after ohd, r&d, shipping, interest exp, marketing, insurance, etc...). Which are very significant costs in the big picture. But a pure manufacturing product cost is usually 4X mark up.