Added reply in a thread Should Anderson have pulled in at Salt Lake? 5/4/2018 6:11 PM

Agee. That front wheel folds, it could end his career permanently. And on a pro SX track the likelyhood of it folding is very high.

Added reply in a thread Tomac Vegas Tactics? 5/4/2018 6:07 PM

ETs going to charge to front quickly and immediately start to gap field. MM gets second. Anderson top 4. This is a total guess, but why not.

Added reply in a thread Pro mx points system is F**ked up 5/4/2018 6:00 PM

Yes, it's more fairer :-)

Added reply in a thread Ralph - Can't take it anymore 4/29/2018 1:52 PM

Ralph is clearly not a MX racer, but most announcer aren't either. That said, the big network broadcasts are always dumbed down on purpose.

Added reply in a thread Supercross, the unhappiest sport ever ? 4/29/2018 1:50 PM

I would guess that they are physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausted by the time they get to the press conference

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MM was getting boo'd at the Massachusetts win well before he was interviewed. So he was/is in a no win situation. ET has a big hard core fan base and they are a weird group of bromance beta males. ET is a moto stud, but many fans are too much. MM stupid ... more »

Added reply in a thread Was Wilson being the ultimate team player? 4/29/2018 6:59 AM

Agreed, also. And Tide Pods! YOLO!

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We got kicked off Fox2 for a UFC rerun ??

Added reply in a thread Malcolm Stewart talks supercross, fitness, James and doing the MXON! 4/28/2018 12:05 PM

Agreed. Easily one of the best ever!

Added reply in a thread Eli’s helmet for this weekend... 4/28/2018 11:59 AM

Clearly I am an idiot. I don't get it? Shouldn't that be on MMs helmet. ET should have a RedBull with a Dunlop running over it. Or the Green Hulk (Monster) crushing a Red Bull?

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The rules are soooooo over reaching its ridiculous. From a practical point of view it pretty much impossible to comply. You have NO idea what exactly what your putting in your body. As someone who has intimate knowledge of the supplement industry, the ... more »

Added reply in a thread From Broc Tickle 4/28/2018 10:58 AM

Eff the FIM

Added reply in a thread MM25’s excuse doesn’t hold water..... 4/26/2018 6:44 PM

Agree. ET is so freaky fast he has probably fallen out of the habit of protecting the inside. He usually immediately starts gapping the riders behind him, and probably would have pulled away from MM if it was a mid race pass. But MM cranked it up when ... more »

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It's the old adage, you can't win the championship in a single race, but you can lose it. And another, you win championships on your bad days. All of that is easy to say while I am parked in my recliner. My guess is ET is the favorite to win it next ... more »

Added reply in a thread What's up JA21?! 4/24/2018 6:06 PM

No AMA pro's should ever read this nonsense, or any social media. Just silliness from guys less than half their speed. Great job JA21!

Added reply in a thread You guys remember Tomac and dungey? 4/23/2018 3:31 PM

ET let RD by a couple times only to try to run him down or off the track. IMHO, if you are making aggressive moves that do not directly move you up in positions towards checked flag, it's dirty. By contrast that same day the 250 main was one of the best ... more »

Added reply in a thread Why was Anderson docked? 4/17/2018 8:54 PM

Not loose any spots? He lost 4 spots? I have watched it over a bunch of times and he is not on the gas by a Pro AMA standard. The racers on the rhythm section of track are going way faster than him on flat plywood. It looked like he was in no hurry at ... more »

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I think that is the point. The lists from any of these power hungry organizations is getting way too ridiculous! And it is equally ridiculous that the AMA surrendered it power to any of them. I would again say, the list is so long and ridiculous with ... more »

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Don't agree. Former 250 champion, and that season showed him to have true grit. Racing every lap to checkers, winning a number of races on last lap. He's on a great quality team KTM/Husky. He has a great quality training program. Has had a good podium ... more »

Added reply in a thread A couple simple questions on drug testing... 4/14/2018 3:09 PM

Yes to both, however the constantly expanding list of banned substances is absolutely ridiculous! Much of the list is available over the counter at any health store. Hell lots of popular cold and sinus OTC meds are on ban list. It's so over the top, ... more »