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I thought the production was pretty poor and the track rather boring, but the riders were on it and put on a good show. I’d have loved to see Kenny make a more serious effort at Justin—he has the speed but just wasn’t willing to make a pass stick.

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I love the yellow fender. That’s how they were stock in the mid 1990s. I’ve been looking for a fender for my ‘19 TX that’d match the yellow on the rest of the bike. Maybe they will finally be available.

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Oil the foam on the goggle like an air filter with baby oil. Works amazingly well.

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I have a 6D and really like it. Seems like they are super focused on safety and have been producing lids with that sort of tech longer than anyone else.

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I prefer stiffer.

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Nice build! I’m running a pretty tricked out TX300 off road. Motor is setup like a sxs 300. I did an RK head and it made a huge difference. Highly recommend. If you want to keep going have a look at Ti axles and spokes. Decent weight savings to be had. ... more »

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Fwiw the 2017+ off road bikes are completely different from anything Austria produced prior. I found their previous bikes, especially the 300, to be really oriented toward slow trail riding and I just never felt good on them. Handling was weird, motors ... more »

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If the price is right grab it. I’ve ridden the 18 and 19. They feel quite similar. The 19 steers a little better and the forks seem to work a little better, but really small difference that would probably not be noticeable at C/B class speeds. They are ... more »

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Love the 1992 scheme on the RMZ. I’m thinking of picking up a recent yzf and doing a 1997 Doug Henry YZM scheme.

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The key is a really good, tight fit, and lots of silicone lube. I’ve got 30hrs on Michelin blue box bibs. Great feel and durability. They are stuffed in their corresponding Michelin tires for a perfect fit.

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SX = TC SXF = FC XC = TX XCF = FX XCW = TE (but te has linkage) XCW F / EXC = FE (Fe has linkage)

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Stay out of debt. Keep driving what you have or sell it and buy something less-used. Just not worth going into debt for a car/truck. Fwiw I’ve been running a 7.3L diesel f250 for almost 20yrs now. It’s never failed to get me to a race.

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Nice work! I raced a ‘93 KX 250 for much of the 1990s. I really liked that bike. Very forgiving handling. I think I had some different linkage on it that improved turning and had race tech do up the suspension with gold valves. Worked really well.

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I raced 125s in the late 1990s. I bought a 1997 YZ because the magazines and everyone said it was awesome. Hated that bike. Motor was so-so, and I never got the suspension and handling where I liked it. I really liked the 1995-1997 CR125, and 1997-on ... more »

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Imo the spectator side is what's in jepordy and is a very minor aspect of the sport. The core of the sport is the weekend racer and families out camping and riding together. That's stronger than it's ever been. Moto was awesome before energy drinks were ... more »

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FYI the redesign was 2019 for the TX and 2020 for the TE. I have a 19 TX and love it. About 60hrs on it and not a single issue. Several others in my group and all have been good to.go. I watched one endo down a rock pile about 15' high. Subframe was ... more »

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It’ll be a season to remember I’m sure! So many riders could win the championship it’s hard to call. I’ll go with: 1. Tomac 2. Web 3. Osborn 4. AC 5. Sextant 6. Roczen If Roczen can be consistent I think he will have the most speed, but my guess is that ... more »

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I think the Husky also has better wheels. Personally I'd go Husky because I like white and blue and the better brakes, wheels and triple clamps. I doubt the gasgas gives up much though and it's probably a better value.

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Thanks! I hadn't noticed that difference and haven't tried it. Thanks for the intel!

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I have not, but they look exactly the same. I'm talking about the slave cylinder here as that's the problematic bit. I haven't checked that thread pitch is the same. I'm told it's all the same and will bolt up.