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I like the TC better in all respects except suspension. I found that on non-counter balanced 250s like the yz that the vibes would really get to me on longer rides, numb hands and feet. Probably due to long term damage from riding for 30yrs on and off ... more »

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Awesome bike, you'll love it I'm sure!

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Nice trip. I'm in golden just west of the track, give a shout if you need anything.

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I like it! Would be great to get more detail on the suspension. If it's the same as Enzo A kit that's good stuff and more than justifies the price premium.

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I’ve been happy with a starcross medium rear and soft front. Over 30 hours on a set and no real chunking. That’s mostly rocky trail riding and 2 Mx practice days.

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Thanks, top end is all I care about on a 125. If I’m at low revs I’m in the pits or something has gone horribly wrong

. I do think there is room across the board for improvement from the 2005 motor though. Surely we’ve learned a thing or two ... more »
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Love it! Every proper moto garage needs at least one 125!

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Super minis are awesome and she is the perfect size for one. Any of them will do. The TM is probably the highest performing. The new kx112 may be the easiest to live with. Send the suspension to FC or someone to get it setup and rock on. My wife has

... more »
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Building up older bikes can be fun but be prepared to strip it down entirely, replace every bearing and everything that’s rubber or a wear item. It’ll likely be more expensive than buying a new 125 and won’t perform as well. I’d suggest buying a new ... more »

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Anyone ride one yet? I’m so hoping that they’ve finally put a motor in it that can run with the Austrians and Italians.

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Perhaps, but probably a bit less. Whatever it is, it would be less than buying a bling edition then buying suspension after the fact because the mfg doesn't have to pay for the standard suspension. Figure A-kit is probably 5k and regular suspension 2k ... more »

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Five finger death punch American capitalist.

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They should sell one with real A Kit suspension, imo that’s the big thing that’s missing from everyone else’s bling edition bikes.

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I love 125s. Only bummer is the limited selection. I love the Austrian bikes off road but haven’t yet jelled totally with them for moto. The Yamaha is a 2005 bike which I think leaves TM as the only option if you want a minder bike without WP suspension. ... more »

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They are both awesome bikes. I can’t feel a real difference in weight or handling. The 350 has a wider power curve and revs much higher. The 300 will torque over gnarly stuff better and had way more midrange punch. If I were racing for points I’d chose ... more »

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Except for the Suzuki they are all so close the difference won’t matter in the least at your level. Pick your favorite color or local dealer and have fun.

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Love your work!

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You can’t go wrong with FC. I’ve had good and bad luck with local guys. I’ve never had a bad setup from FC. I still like working with local guys but can see the attraction from. FC setup.

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Got it, thanks doe the insight. Seems like an easy fix!

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Imo KTMs stay new looking the longest and Honda follows in second. Good fit and finish combined with light, but not white, plastics is the key.