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Reply to I'm tired of Ferrandis getting booed 2/9/2020 10:40 AM

The derp is embarrassingly strong in MX sometimes.

Reply to California to Ban new 2 Strokes over 90cc (except competition) starting 2022? 1/17/2020 6:48 AM

I'm curious if that just means two strokes, or all offroad bikes that don't meet emissions requirements. None of the four stroke MX bikes qualify for a "green sticker" either.

Reply to St. Louis SX - Night Show Bench Racing 1/11/2020 8:05 PM

K.R. rode Brayton's bike great tonight! Guy's tougher than a bearing race, and his Honda's got some heat, just needed a good setup. Braap!

Reply to Juliana Daniel and Ralph 1/10/2020 5:56 AM

Diffey, or Jason Weigant for me 100% . D-Blair or Langston in the other seat. Ralph uses too many dumb phrases that literally NOBODY else in the sport does, and he sounds like he's narrating a children's novel with all his repeated "storylines." I just ... more »

Reply to Leigh Diffey is doing a WONDERFULL job 1/4/2020 11:47 PM

I thought Leigh Diffey did a great job. Definitely the best SX broadcast since the ESPN days IMO. I feel like Ralph would do a better job calling the races solo, like Weedge does for GNCC. I was never a fan of his newbie questions to Jeff and Ricky, ... more »

Reply to Official announcers complaint thread 1/4/2020 11:27 PM

That's better than the race looking like Supercross, but sounding like a lawnmower race.

Reply to Bernard Kerr: World Cup DH racer wants to race SX 12/15/2019 10:38 PM He won the RedBull Hardline this year on a Pivot Phoenix with CR500 inspired graphics.

Reply to Suzuki drop yoshimura in moto America road racing 12/15/2019 10:16 PM

There's way fewer sportbikes being sold nowdays versus 10 years ago. No average joe wants to spend $15-20k on a replica racer. Shoot, even when they were $10k people weren't anywhere near the bikes' limits. Standard bikes and adventure bikes have some ... more »

Reply to Best rider to put in the least amount of effort (training etc) 12/5/2019 9:48 PM

So many threads these days about "greatest," "best ever." You guys watch too much lame ESPN. On your best day, you couldn't hold National #40's jockstrap.

Reply to most skilled rider ever. 11/30/2019 1:34 AM

Nicky was super impressive on the RC51 back in the day in AMA road racing👽👽👽🏍🏍🏍

Reply to most skilled rider ever. 11/29/2019 6:24 PM

Impossible to narrow it down to one IMO. All the top, top guys probably have similar experiences. RC, Everts,MC, and Cairoli are the only modern era guys you can fairly compare between generations IMO because their stats are crazy. Herlings, Villopoto, ... more »

Reply to “The Game Changers” movie and plant based diet performance benefits for MX. 11/24/2019 1:13 AM

According to the interwebs, Usain Bolt ate about 100 chicken Mcnuggets per day at the Olympics in Beijing. I'm personally on a see-food diet currently, but sometimes I'll take a few fiber pills when I eat a lot of meat or gluten-rich food and I don't ... more »

Reply to What enduro/dual sport should i buy? 11/11/2019 6:30 PM

Personally, I'd be checking out the Kawasaki Versys 300 and Honda CB 300F for "80% street, 20% offroad." It depends how techinical the 20% offroad is, but you don't need a ton of suspension for hard-dirt roads, especially if cars use the same routes. ... more »

Reply to Honda/Hitachi merger to consolidate Showa, Nissin, and Keihin into Hitachi automotive, Ltd 11/3/2019 2:22 PM

My guess is that they are restructuring to make electric vehicle R&D more efficient. I'd like to get my hands on a pcx 150 hybrid but I don't they're available in the States.

Reply to Top 250 and 450 Pro's have Equal Talent-Change My Mind 10/27/2019 4:44 PM

250 Lap times are comparable to 450 lap times because they are lighter weight and they are allowed to run time-bombs with like 10 more HP than stock, for some stupid reason. If the 250's had like 5 less horsepower than they do now, you'd be able to see ... more »

Reply to MXA 2020 450 Shootout 10/23/2019 5:50 PM

'What's the best bike for me?" mainly depends on how many laps you ride consecutive, IMO. The Yamaha and Honda with more power and more weight are manageable and fast for fewer laps than the lighter and mellower KTM and Husky.

Reply to Amsoil out, CBD in 10/22/2019 8:30 PM

Now that CBD MD is one of the most visible sponsors, it's obvious that it was never a legitimate concern. They saw that CBD companies had an interest in the sport and secured an exclusive deal. While the details of their deal were being ironed out, they ... more »

Reply to Production and Homologation Rules, helping or hurting 34 years later? 10/20/2019 3:16 PM

It would be cool to see a 180 pound 125 with carbon fiber everywhere... No way in heck I'd ever buy one...but it would be cool to see nonetheless.

Reply to Justin Hill signs with MCR 10/17/2019 6:17 PM

I'm not the biggest fan of Justin Hill, but Chad Reed is the only Zook rider who did anything in SX last year. Reed has decades of experience, and the Zookies are known to be setup dependent from one track to another.

Reply to 2019 KTM 450 Liquid Skinz Refresh - It's Different! 10/17/2019 5:45 PM

I think the black and blue one would look cool with orange clamps, hardware, sprockets, ect.