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Weedge has mentioned multiple times that Blake Baggett's bike is very similar to the factory team bikes. Justin Brayton and Fredrik Noren are the only guys I can think of that rode for smaller teams and got factory support from a Japanese brand. How ... more »

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...Most likely. If you wear unnoficial Redbull branded clothing/gear they have people who will harass the crap out of you, until you take it off.

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Stay classy Massholes! Wow, and people wonder why big companies don't want to sponsor teams. Yeah, let's sponsor the fringe sport with zero diversity!

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How many championship points should be awarded to the guy who wins the podium interview?

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You can make a small fortune racing, if you start out with a large one.

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125 SX and CR 250 The CR (02) I gotta say is very underrated. I rode a YZ250 before I bought the CR, and honestly the riding position on the YZ bothered me more than the lack of bottom end on the CR.

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Yeah, they were definitely fast bikes. More common with racers than weekend warriors from what I remember. People were mainly Honda red or Yamaha blue back then, where I rode. I remember going to a local SX race in 04 and I saw more RM250's in one night ... more »

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Lots of clutch and tranny issues though, from what I remember.

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Suzuki and Kawi had a bad rep through the early 2000's for being less reliable than the other brands. I think a lot of people who rode during those years still have the same opinion of the two brands. Kawasaki keeps updating their bikes though, so that ... more »

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I like the idea of a bike with a hardcore chassis, and a low-stressed engine around 300-400cc.
Not trying to diss Kawi, but if KTM or Yamaha made a bike like that, it'd probably sell like crazy. Where's that EXC 390, already!?

People trying to compare the klx300 to a KTM or Husky need to realize that not everyone wants a high maintenance, high-strung engine in their offroad bike.

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Good bike for most casual riders, but it's pretty damn heavy if you consider that the other bikes have e-start and they're still lighter.

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Yeah, MX is totally different . I think CW has the potential to be surprisingly good at 450 MX once he gets more experience and possibly a better setting on the KTM. He was a beast on the YZ250F, but we all know how good that bike is for its class.

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There's no way he will be a one and done. He'll just have a bunch of haters like Dungey because he doesn't get terrible starts every race that force him to ride over his head. Webb's all around racecraft is by far the best in SX right now. Until Marv ... more »

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I think the 2001 models had the best mix of colors.
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A clutch would be pointless with full power at 0 RPM. At that point it's all about throttle control. I'd rather have hand levers for both brakes, than a clutch lever I don't need. You can ride a 450 in 1 or 2 gears per track. Now imagine a bike with ... more »

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Jeff Emig was never very descriptive or insightful when describing things from a rider's perspective. Ricky is a lot better at describing track conditions and rider technique ect, IMO. Jason Weigant and Ricky Johnson would probably be the best combo ... more »

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The proper term for 27.5 rear, 29 front is "reverse mullet" bike. 26 rear 29 front is a "69er." I'd bet that Loic's win at the season opener had as much to do with Specialized having a brand new bike, and their F1 style data tracking as the trendy new ... more »

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I feel so bad for the guy but I don't understand why he was pushing so hard for the W when he didn't need too. Daniel Blair and RC really gave him the commentator's curse by waxing poetic about how much better his race craft has been this year.