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Sweet! What does she have under the hood? 383, 440, or a HEMI?

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As already stated try racing RC offroad. Big jumps, esp with the 1/8th scale stuff. 1/8 is both nitro (2t) and electric. 1/8th scale can reach 40MPH on the track. As many set up changes as a real offroad buggy or truck. My favorite is 1/10th 2wd, handles ... more »

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Awesome! Good luck to your Brother.

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Tomac to HRC. HRC does not want to wait for 94 to get back to speed to win a SX title again. HRC opens wallet for Tomac. Be like Johnson and Bailey on the team in 86 once 94 is healed up.

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If the 24 yo did steal the bike, he got what he deserved and saved us tax payers some money.

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I seen them on ET3 bike like next to the last lap. Rewound it 3 times to make sure I seen sparks not roost. Pegs make sense. Glad I wasnt the only one that seen them.

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Did not know it was not live until I read this post. Checked in to see if any news like any one else out or JS7 showed up or the like before the race started. Did not ruin it for me, I watched any way. But putting spoiler in the title would not have ... more »

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So MM wins tonights SX race that has not been aired yet?

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Totally agree, why no love for Ricky BAD BOY Johnson?

Added reply in a thread Any free streaming places to watch A1 1/7/2017 4:27 PM When you pick a host, when that page comes up there will be ads on top the video feed. Put your mouse over the x and another x will appear, click that x to remove adds. Normally there is 2 adds.

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I would have liked to see Mookie get this ride, just to end the talk of how good Mookie would could be if he had a ride.

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I agree with the OP. As already been stated for most of the 90's riders considered 2nd place to McGrath a win. They was defeated before the gate dropped in SX vs McGrath. Rick Johnson, Jeff Ward, Bob Hannah, and that type hated losing. I think Rick Johnson, ... more »

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If true this is very depressing. ET3 was my only hope of Honda regaining its past glory. Hope this is false and Honda did not let him go. I am brand loyal 1st, rider loyal 2nd. ET3 has been my favorite rider for a few years. I hate Kawasaki the most ... more »

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That i so awesome!!! My girlfriend can pick out a 2 stroke quick, and she only been to a couple races so far. She does not like my 2 strokes, she calls them pissed off bumble bees. When she hears one she looks at me and says "there is one of them POBBs ... more »

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Ohio 1300' above sea level. 89 TRX250R with Duncan racing PC2000 cylinder, base plate, long rod, 18cc dome, and 38mm carb. Amsoil Dominator 32:1 Sunoco 110 octane.

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Ok thanks for the heads up. I will check my local Ace hardware.

Started new thread How to contact MSR? 4/19/2015 12:17 AM

I have tried to email them on their website, it throws an error, I have called a dozen times and left messages 4 or 5 times. I have one of their chest protectors and the bolts/screws that hold the chest plate to the shoulder pad fell out first ride. ... more »

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Hoping with everything I have, Tomac retires from the Big Red machine with mutiple national titles. It has been to long since Honda has dominated. We need to get back to the 80s where Honda dominated.

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NO! A big NO!!!!!