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I live about 2hrs west of Mt Morris in Ohio. I was heading west bound on I70 sat evening doing 10 over and the Yamaha/Monster semi went by me like I had dropped anchor. lol They was trying to get somewhere.

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The Earth warmed up and then went into an ice age twice before man was here. It did it all on its own without man and his pollution. So I do not believe or buy that man and his pollution is the cause for global warming. History has proved that the earth ... more »

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This has bugged me since the 80's. 125/250 SX title has never carried the same prestige as the 125/250 MX title. I don't really care if you make the 250SX 1 series or not. But if 250SX is 2 class's (east/west) then split the 250MX split (north/south?) ... more »

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Joey should have just back it sown a little in the sand section. Eli had passed what 3 riders in the sand already. Would not of looked so bad.

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When is Baggett's contract up? Would like to see him on the Big Red machine with HRC behind him.

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In the mid 90's I had a female golden retriever that would chase me around my practice track on my CR250. She would get behind but not far over the bigger jumps, and pass me through a long set of whoops. lol

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Around my area it is "pour the coal to it".

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As been said check and clean the power valves. Carbon can build up around the exhaust ports and make them stick also.

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Bridget Fonda, Jane "I am trader and hate America" Fonda's niece.

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Not only is that a 250r, but a Roll design Lobo chassis! I have had my share of Hoosiers over the years, work great on MX fair series tracks built on the pulling track.

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Working mans champion. Big fan.

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I use Gieco because of Gieco Honda. Have used Peak anti freeze since the 90s because of Peak Honda. Have never as much tasted an energy drink and have no plans to try one. I try and support SX/MX sponsors. For tires though I have to go to my own RC sponsor, ... more »

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Not a Tomac fan since he left Honda. But I want him on the track racing. More fast guys the better, better racing. Who wins or loses does not effect my life, so I want Eli out there. Get healed up quick Eli.

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Cooper's excuse about the bike is gone with Bam Bam riding like he is. Won't surprise me if Bam Bam takes a win before the season is over.

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Kenny gets his race fitness and confidence close to 100%, he is going to win more than 1.

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450 Tier A Ken Roczen Tier B Justin Bogle Tier C Dakota Tedder FI Tylor Bowers 250 Tier A Jeremy Martin Tier A Austin Forkner Tier B Chase Sexton Tier B Phil Nicoletti FI Kyle Chisholm

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I got a quote from Geico, because they are a sponsor, but also cause the insurance I had wanted like $300 a month to cover my Maverick. Geico smoked who I had my car insurance through on the qoute. So I have everything covered with Geico. Have since ... more »

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My GF has a 2011 CRF150R. She is 5' nothing and just can touch one footed so she does not ride it alot. I get on it and rip it around the hay field some when we have it out. I am 6'4" 330#. Now granted it is not a power house with me on it, but it is ... more »