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I’ve got a 19 Levo expert. No complaints here. Never ridden any other models so I can’t compare.

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Ram seems to be good at luring people in with all of the bells, whistles, and price point. Their build quality seems to suffer over time. Neighbor has a 2013 crew cab 1500 and the rockers are bleeding rust from wheel to wheel on both sides. He just put ... more »

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For a washer / dryer, speedqueen is the only way to go. They might not have all the fancy screens, play music, etc. but they’re rock solid. I’m going on 7 years with mine, no issues. I believe I paid $1500 for the set new. Top load washer & gas front ... more »

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Ouch, how many miles on that beast?

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I'm waiting for Gibby to show up to this thread.

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They’re 4 now

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Another good one today:

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How many miles are you getting out of the 3.7?

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I would love to get one but they're so damn expensive & the resale seems atrocious

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This isn't exactly "MX" related, but this is the craziest thing I've watched in quite a while

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Get a Honda

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Anyone have pricing on what they paid/quoted to build? Would love some real world feedback.

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Similar seed envelopes showing up in Ohio.

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I hope he continues to race the series until the nationals start up, if that happens this year. Maybe some other guys will join him.

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Their tuning app seems a bit more in depth than the Yamaha’s.

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Hoosier MX25S

Started new thread 125 All Star Races 6/12/2020 5:59 AM

Will these still be held at the rounds that they were previously listed under? Don’t see anything listed for round 1.

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Klim, only pants I haven’t ripped the knees out of.

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X2, just rolled 129k on my 2018 Tacoma. Not a single issue to date, just fluids, tires, & filters.

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If you’re heavier than 100lbs you’re gonna want to upgrade the forks on the grom if you do any sort of off road riding.